Friday, 18 December 2015

Blogmas Day 18 - Winter Routine

Hello everyone,

As it's getting colder in the UK I always change up my whole routine only a little bit, and considering it's near Christmas I want to show you what I do in the run up for Christmas. Also just need to share with you that Emily Canham just replied to a comment I sent her on Vlogmas Day 17 (link), I am so happy I can't believe she knows I exist! 

Onto my routine:

I only want to talk about a few products instead of mentioning every product I use in Winter because that would be too long to type out! 

The first place I see the affects of winter is on my hair, my hair can go really dry and brittle. I start using the Body Shop Rainforest Hair Butter this moisturises my hair very well, as the longer you keep it in the more it's going to moisturise. I use this before I get in the shower I apply this around 2-5 hours before hand .

While I am in the shower I then was out the hair butter with the Natural World Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner, this is the cherry on the top when saving my hair, it adds shine and moisturise back into my hair which makes it look ten times more healthier. 

The typical shower gel I use is of course Lush Snow Fair, this is one I always crack out during the colder months as it just screams Christmas to me. I can always smell this on my body and dressing gown for a few hours after using it, it's soothing and moisturising. 

During the shower I wash my face with the Witch pore minimising gel wash, this is just something I have been using at the moment my face  and body do not get too dry. This is great for controlling oil, but just makes my skin feel great I do see my pores getting less noticeable the more I use this. 

After I have gotten out the shower I use the Ren Daily Supplement moisturiser as this is the best one during winter, it helps keeping the oils on my face at bay, but it moisturises are helps your makeup glide on.

Lastly for skin care I always notice my lips getting dry and just hurting, the Nuxe Reve De Miel lip balm is a great one to layer up during the night to wake up to soft lips, this also helps lip sticks to glide on and look great.

I thought I would mention my favourite bath bomb, which is Lush Cinders! This is my all time favourite smelling out, it screams Christmas and festiveness, this is something I always have to stock up on to last me for the new year.

What products do you use in your winter routine?

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