Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19 - Winter Throwback Photos

Hello everyone,

I thought for blogmas day 19 I would do a throwback, these are just some photos that I have found from previous Winters and Christmases.

Throwback photos:

I can't remember the year for this one, but in the UK we never really get snow as bad as some other countries/places do, but clearly the year I took this we had some really heavy snow. I remember that it was on a Friday and we was in textiles sewing together our pyjamas, and it started snowing so badly to the point we had to all go home early before we was snowed it. It was very thick snow, so my feet were freezing in tights and little dolly shoes, I wasn't prepared!

This was taken a few years ago in the run up to Christmas, this was my dog Charlie who passed away a year ago in April. I love this photo as it makes me feel so festive and happy when I see it, we always used to put things on him for photos such as this hat! The photo takes me back to when we had him for Christmas, as this will be the second one without him. 

This photo was taken last year, and it was around two weeks or so until Christmas. We went up to Covent Garden for the day to do some christmas and birthday shopping for me, we had such a festive time and this was the first time I tried a Macaron from Laduree and i've been obsessed every since! We went into my favourite shops being Mac, Kate Spade, Chanel and many more, it was a lovely festive outing!

Do you have any festive photos that take you back a few years? 

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