Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogmas Day 20 - Christmas Wishes

Hello everyone,

I was struggling for an idea for todays blogmas, so I thought I would do a Christmas wishes post for you which is just talking about some of my hopes and wishes for the future.

My wishes for Christmas and for 2016:

1. To be happy, this is my main wish for Christmas and for a new year because I have to admit 2015 hasn't been the best year for me, but I want to do what makes me happy, things I enjoy and to just make sure my happiness comes first before anything.

2. Spend more time with family, this year i've realised how important and how much my family means to me, I would love all of them to be happy and healthy. I have realised that life is too short, and because of this I want to spend a lot of time with family for Christmas and 2015 on wards.

3. Focus on my future, Next year is when I am going to be focusing on university and my future in general, I want to focus on this and to focus on my education and making sure that I am doing my best at college.

I wanted to share only a few with you, do you have any Christmas wishes?

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