Saturday, 18 June 2016

My College Experience - Year 1

Hello everyone,

As you can gather from the title I have now finished my first year of my college course! I finally finished everything on Tuesday, which means I am now free till September. I have kept you all update on my college experience, so it was only right to share about my first year. I have found that a lot of posts and videos don't focus on a college course, but mainly sixth form and A-levels. So I thought I would share my opinion for everything thinking about college!

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I have always had a passion for Business, and I feel as if this is my subject that I can succeed in. It was only right to continue this at college, I am doing a BTEC level 3 diploma in Business Studies. At the end of the two years my course is the equivalent of 3 a levels, and if your wondering Yes you can still go to university if your doing a college course.

My targets

At the beginning of the first year we got given some targets of what we're expected to get at the end of the two years (overall), this was all based on our GCSE grades as well such as if we have done business previously. I achieved a distinction at GCSE level, which means my target for the two years at college is D* D* D*, which is the best grade you can get.

My experience

You may know already that I did start college knowing no one, I had a few friends going to the same college but we was doing total opposite courses. I was so nervous to start, but so excited at the same time. I settled into my class straight away, and made friends with two lovely girls, and put it this they are going to be my friends for a very ver long time! When we started the year we kept having introduction lessons, and general lessons for the first few weeks where we were getting to grips with the system and how our assignments work. 

I am going to be honest I can not remember my first assignment for the life of me, when we started the course in September we was't getting many assignments for the first few weeks, but as soon as October half term hit we was being bombarded and it didn't stop there! I found the work to be really interesting, I did have some units I preferred over others such as the business environment. Overall the assignments were bearable, but you have to stay on top of this at all times!

I can't stress enough how important it is to finish your assignments way before the deadline, when we started I got into a routine of at least starting the assignment within a few days of it being handed out, this way I knew I had made a start and it was easier to manage and keep control of the work this way. However I am going to be honest when the new year hit I wasn't sticking to this routine as much, but I knew it had to be done.

Then I got my first job towards the beginning of 2016, this was proving a little more difficult trying to balance college, work and a social life. But I kept saying to myself that college is my priority as it's still my full time education. I would recommend definitely having a job, but don't let it come between you finishing assignments etc.

Putting the assignments to one side, college has such an amazing atmosphere about it. When I was in year 11 chasing wether to go to college or not, a lot of teachers kind of 'put me off' the idea of college as it wouldn't suit me, because apparently I need to be told what to do... If you have some teachers, parents or friends like this their opinions should never over rule what you want to do. I always knew that I worked better in a more relaxed and independent atmosphere, as I have always hated people telling me what to do and when to do it. At college I don't have this, it's so relaxed and I keep saying how it gives you a taste of university life because your even more independent at university, so college is setting me up for that. 

Another thing I love about college is the amount of days I am in, in a week, I was doing Monday 9-5.15, Tuesday 12.30-4.30 and Thursday 9-12.30. My hours were perfect and I got a few lie ins in a week, until I started working. I couldn't think of anything better to be honest, also not having to wear a uniform and abide my any rules is just a massive plus. Of course we have rules, but they are just simple ones that wouldn't affect me to begin with. 

Looking over the year now, I would say that college isn't easy. It has been stressful at times especially with constant deadlines every week, but the positives over rule these "negatives". My main thing i would say is to just stay on top of the assignments, and don't leave work to the last minute! Also I found typing my notes so much easier than writing them, when it came down to it I was bringing my laptop in everyday as it was a lot easier.

I am doing a marketing pathway next year, and I will keep you in the loop of everything college, university and lifestyle wise.

I would highly recommend college and especially business!

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