Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What I Am Currently Loving - July 2016

Hello everyone,

I wanted to talk you through some of the things I am currently loving, I like doing these posts when their are different things to tell you about instead of having to do them every month. I have a few random things, beauty and a bit or everything to talk to you about!


In the past year or two eyeliner has become an everyday essential for me, I never used to wear this even on special occasions but now I am obsessed! I have been loving the Stila Stay all day waterproof eyeliner, this is only £13 which I think is really good for a high quality eye liner. (link)

When it comes to my foundation I have been switching it up lately but sticking to a few solid ones which are Estee Lauder Double wear, and Kat Von D tattoo foundation. However I have really been enjoying mixing this with Mac Face and body, it darkens up my foundations as I have more of a colour now, but I like the consistency of my foundations when they are mixed as well. (link)

Speaking of having more of a colour, I have had to even myself out as I now have a tan line from where I didn't take my watch off! I have been using the Bondi Sands Everyday gradual tanning milk which is amazing, also considering the price as well it's £11.99 and it applies like a dream and you can tell a colour difference overnight! (link)


I never really tend to have many fashion favourites, but I have been looking around everywhere for the perfect pair of trousers for work! I stumbled on Asos and ordered these high waist trousers in a skinny fit, I am about 5′ 8″  and these are perfect they are long enough to roll without being too short! They fit like a dream, they are only £25 but with my student discount they worked out slightly cheaper. (link)


I always tend to have more lifestyle favourites but to kick this off I am going to mention two Spotify playlists I am in love with, which are Summer Party (link) and Summer Hits (link)! They are all I am listening to at the moment, they are such summer tunes! Also another playlist is Hot Hits UK (link).

I thought I'd through in some songs that I am also obsessed with:

Aloha - Møme ft Merryn Jeann
Once Dance - Draks
Sex - Cheat codes
Is This Love remix - Bob Marley & The Wailers 
I hate you, I love you - Gnash
Turn me on - Cheat codes
When you love someone - James TW

A random favourite I am loving at the moment is sea salt, for example the Sea Salt fudge I got in Weymouth, but yesterday I had a Sea Salt caramel milkshake and it was the best thing i've ever had! I am slightly obsessed with sea salt now especially in sweet things of course!

Their are some Instagram accounts that have all the quotes and they are literally my to a T, well lately this quote/picture has been one of my favourites, it's from 'fallinginsociety' (link)

Last but not least Summer Break is finally back on youtube, it has been one of the best series on youtube to date! This is my favourite episode I would recommend going back to watch all the past seasons they are amazing! (link)

What have you been loving lately?

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