Friday, 2 September 2016

Back To School Survival Guide

I have been struggling for some ideas regarding the back to school period, so I thought that a back to school survival guide would be perfect! So long story short this is a guide which has everything you need to know for back to school. These are just some generic tips, advice and everything in between.

Organisation - This is one of the most important parts of going back to school, staying organised will increase your productivity. I recommend to start organising your school life before your start school (maybe a week or so before), decided who you're going to organise your notes, what stationery you need, is there anything last minute that you need etc... Sorting all of this out will mean as soon as your start school you can get straight into important bits, instead of trying to think of how you're going to organise everything instead of actually doing your work.

Routine - This is something that most people struggle with when it comes to back to school, start getting into a routine a few days before you go back to school. I would recommend having a more reasonable bedtime and try to have more pristine and early mornings, this means when it comes to that dreaded early start in the first day back at school, it won't come to as big of a shock to you.

Planning - At college I am always working a day ahead, I am always planning my outfits for the day ahead just so I don't have to stress about finding a top in the morning, I also do the same thing when it comes to my work, I find out what lessons I have have the day before and make sure I have all my books, notes and work for them lessons.

Be yourself - Starting a new year or a new school can be daunting but your need to remember to be yourself, don't feel as if you should have to put a front on just for people to like you. 

The struggle of early mornings - Yes, the struggle is real! I have found the perfect way of being on time but also not struggling to get out of bed! It sounds horrible but the only way to do is it to get up a few hours before you have to be in school by, don't leave it till the last minute to get up! In the mornings I like to have time to chill and relax, instead of stressing and literally being up and out the door.

Stop procrastinating! - I am not going to lie but this is something everyone is guilty of, myself  especially. I have had a certain routine regarding doing my work for a good 5+ years and it's safe to say that it has never let me down. The best thing to do is to simply do your work when you get it, this way you can easily get everything done on time, without missing deadlines but it also allows you to get all your work done to the best standard. 

Get yourself a diary - This relates to the procrastinating point a lot, but getting yourself a diary your able to see what work you have to do and when the deadlines are. By doing your work as soon as you get it is essential for staying on top of things. I would always recommend starting what is due in first, and having a diary helps you to visually see this.

Ask questions - When you are in a new class with a new teacher it can be daunting and scary to ask questions, but trust me on this one you're better off asking questions, it's going to expand your knowledge but it's going to help with your understanding. When it comes to writing assessments and revising you're going to tank yourself for asking them questions.

Do what you love - This sounds so cheesy but it is so true, if you're choosing your subjects for A-level and your not happy let someone know before it's too late. The worst thing is when you're coming down to revise for this subject and you don't like/understand it, the chances are you're going to end up procrastinating revising for this as your lacking motivate because you don't enjoy the content.

Avoid distractions - At school you get a lot of distractions in a variety of ways, but you need to try and block these out because at the end of the day you are at school to get and education. Whether the distractions are from in class, friendships or relationships you need to set these aside and focus on your work. Leave any negative situations at home, don't bring them into school because it can affect everyone's performance and you don't want it ruining your grades. 

Social media - This is a great one when it comes to school and learning, social media can benefit your work and efficiency a lot! One thing I recommend is to have a group chat, whether this is for your class, form or friend group, make a group chat because if you have any questions regarding some work then having a group chat is more effective to help each other out.

Social life - One amazing thing about school is the social life that comes along with it when a social event arises to try and go to as many as you can, this way you are mixing with more people but you are also making stronger friendships and memories. When it comes to planning social events, make sure that you are planning some as well, because that way people will think you are wanting to get to know people and , making  the extra effort, also this is where the group chat can come in really handy as well. Try and attend as many social events and things you can go to, because you know the saying 'Work hard, play harder'.

Target grades - This is the most important and vital part of school for any year, but it's to make sure that you know your target grades, know what you have to do to get there. Target grades is a great indication to what you could be leaving school with in terms of your grades. But make sure you know what your current grades are looking at.

Aim high - One thing I am always trying to do is to aim high, always aim for the best grade you can get and to always push yourself. 

Learn to deal with stress - I am not going to lie to you and say that school is a breeze, and it's so chilled; because it's not, but you need to find ways to deal with stress without it taking over, find what works best for you. Check out my dealing with stress post here and here, and this could help you. 

Shelby x 

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