Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My Back To School Routines

I am in fact back at school! I am not too sad (at the moment), but anyways I thought I would share my back to school routines with you. These do consist of a few which are the night before, morning and night routine! I thought I would combine them all because it makes for a long post that way!

The night before -

The night before you start school again is the most important in my books because this is where I have to mentally and physically prepare myself. 

5pm - Start unwinding (Music and youtube videos are key)

6pm - Have dinner! 

7pm - Get my bag ready for college 

7.30pm - Start thinking of an outfit!

8pm - Wash my hair (I have done this over the bath)

8.30 - Bath time with a lush bath bomb (Face mask, music, and relaxation)

9pm - Skin care routine and hair routine (Brush teeth)

9.30pm - TV, youtube, blogging and social media time

10.30pm - Get into bed, watch some youtube videos and relax

11.30pm - Set my alarms for the morning, off to bed!

The morning routine - 

The first morning of when you're going back to school is a killer, and half of the time I am never properly in a routine so I set my alarm for a lot earlier just in case!

6.30am - Alarm 1 (snooze)

6.40am - Alarm 2 (wake up but relax in bed on my phone)

6.50am - Alarm 3 (Just in case I snooze the one before, ad get up)

6.55 am - Go downstairs, get some breakfast (yogurt) and a drink and browse the social media 

7.00am - Wash my face, brush my teeth and get dressed

7.20am - Makeup time! Whilst listening to music and youtube videos

7.45am - Check I have everything for the day 

7.50am - Leave and catch the bus 

8.20am - Meet the girls 

8.40am - Walk up to college

9.00am - First lesson!

The night routine -

My nights differ especially at college and so does the time I get home, so we'll base this around if I was in college on my later days!

5.30/5.45pm - Finally home 

6.00pm - Start any work or assignments 

7.30pm - Have some dinner 

8.00pm - Shower time

8.30pm - Some me time

9.30pm - Blogging (pre-scheduling) - Plan for the weeks

10.30pm - Make sure I have everything for college 

11.00pm - In bed watching some TV - Time for bed

Shelby x 

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