Thursday, 8 September 2016

Going Back To College

Okay so on Monday it was back to college for me, and I feel the need to document this on my blog as I document everything really. So this was my first college week back after what felt like the longest summer break ever!

I thought I wud start off by saying what I am doing at college etc. I am at my local college studying Business Level 3, I am in year 2 which is my final year (year 13). If you're not familiar with the college system, in the second year you have to choose a specific pathway; and mine is Marketing. 

Monday - 

I was up early on Monday, 6.30 to be specific! We had to start college at 9am so the girls and I meet in Mcdonalds for 8.30. It wasn't too much of a struggle getting up because I was excited to get back into the swing of things!

In our first lesson we meet one of our tutors, she introduced the topics to us etc. We also got given our student ID and timetable for the year. I am in college on Mondays, Tuesday's and Wednesdays. We also completed a few note taking things, and started to think about our first assignment. After the first lesson, we then had a break and meet our second tutor where we took some notes and discussed our options once we leave college. He mentioned university and the UCAS applications, which was exciting and scary! We are really fortune by having this teacher, because he is the head of year 2, and knows the ins and outs of university and the applications. 

We roughly finished college about 4:45, which was a nice time and earlier than the finish last year!

Tuesday - 

This threw me waking up at 6.30 again because last year I wouldn't have had to be in college till 12.30. We started off by meeting our main tutor, which was really nice because it's always good having a lovely main tutor as they are your go to! After having a small break, we had a main lesson with him which went well and was interesting! 

After we then had a break for about 1 hour 15 minutes, where we treated ourselves to a five guys! Then we went back up to college and had our last lesson for the day, we were over the moon to have this teacher as she is the nicest! It was a really good lesson because she makes it all a lot more enjoyable. Then we finished college after, but I can't remember the time? Maybe it was around 3 ish...

Wednesday - 

Again this threw me having to get up at 6.30, because last year Wednesday was one of my days off! But I can't complain because we were only in college till about 1! We had two lessons which were with our main tutor and the really lovely one, it was a nice lesson because I got a lot done in both so they were very productive. 

After the girls and I had a presentation to work on, so we decided to finish it after college and sat in Nandos for 4 hours completing this work! I am going to do a post about completing assignments etc because I have a lot of useful tips. But after college, I came home, finished anther assignment and off to work I went! 


My first "week" back at college was a success, I am so motivted at the moment to do well! I am loving marketing even more than I thought. I am really liking my tutors as well, I have definetly been blessed with good ones again. I am just in a really happy place at the moment, I am looking so forward to the upcoming year, and making the most of my last year! But I have high hopes. 

Shelby x

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