Monday, 14 November 2016

What I've Learned Since Passing My Driving Test

I thought this would be a light-hearted but fun post to do, I am going to be talking to you about 5 things I have learned since passing my driving test...

1. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, it has been since learning to drive but now I am on my road properly now; the fact that people don't signal gets on my nerves! It is the most frustrating thing ever, but I have noticed it more now especially when on roundabouts!

2. I have been doing a lot of frequent trips, driving everyone around and I have come to a conclusion that I have a good sense of direction. I seem to remember routes and roads a lot easier, maybe because you've got no one telling you where to go? But I thought I would be that person to get lost all the time; surprisingly I'm not. 

3. Being the designated driver, it really sucks not being able to drink! Obviously, drink driving is not even an option, but when everyone else is drinking and your not because you are driving, is the worst!

4. Driving at night is the best, I always thought that I would be scared of driving at night but it's the best time to drive in my opinion. Having some car sing along is lovely because no one can stare at you!

5. I didn't anticipate that driving on the motorway is a lot "scarier" than expected! But at night again it's so much nicer

6. Being able to drive is actually a blessing, just getting up and jumping in your car is the best! 

7. I have mastered putting petrol in my car, and getting it dead on £20 or something and not a penny over!

8. So many people have no patience what so ever! But there are so many cute drivers, that are just the nicest! 

9. I miss my driving lessons so much, it still feels so weird not setting my alarm for a Thursday...

10. Everyone loves you being able to drive just as much as you do! My friends and family enjoy it more than I do and getting lift everywhere.

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Shelby x 

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