Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How I Manage College

I have been slacking lately on the blogging front, I have have been so busy recently with college, work and everything in between. I thought I would talk to you about managing college, and things of that sort.

Make yourself a list -

I always try and be one of these people that makes lists for everything, planning their day and tasks but it just doesn't work for me! However, I have a list on my phone that has all my assignment and college things I have to do, with the date it's due in and the grades etc. Then I tick it off with a thumbs up emjoi once it's been uploaded, it helps so much knowing exactly what I have to do and if I have completed it. 

Know what you're doing -

Doing your work is so much easier when you know what you're doing, I  am always the one asking questions and asking teachers to go over work to make sure I am doing it right etc. But we also get given help sheets occasionally which really helps with knowing what goes into each part.

Give yourself deadlines - 

My assignments have deadlines of course but I never leave things to the last minute, so I set myself my own deadlines. For example, this assignment I literally just finished I said to myself I am gong to finish it tonight this way I know that by the due date on Friday, that it's uploaded instead of stressing at the last minute if something went wrong etc.

Motivate yourself -

Completing and managing college for my is all down to motivation, if your not motivated to do your work or you have nothing to work towards then you are going to slack when it comes to due dates. Personally, my motivation is going to university, I know if I don't do the work I potentially am not going or not going to my first choice.

It's a balancing act

For me college is a massive balancing act, I am having to balance everything from assignments, university related things, having a job and a social life. But it's all about prioritising as well which I say all the time, as well as having a routine. I personally know that if I have an assignment half done then I will finish that before starting a new one. 

Taking a break -

The reason why I do my work as soon as I get it is because I can have a long break and not feel guilty, I don't stress because I give myself time. I tend to start an assignment and get half way through, then give myself the next day to finish it, this way I don't stress and get it done to a good standard.

Shelby x 

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