Monday, 13 February 2017

Valentine's day thoughts

This is something that I feel as if I want to talk about as tomorrow is the dreaded February 14th, which has been named valentines day! I want to share my thoughts with you on this date and the "meaning" of it all.

I am going to be honest I have never had a valentine for this occasion, and this could be a reason why I don't understand valentines day but maybe this could change in the future!

I feel as if there is a lot of pressure for people to have a valentine so you can buy eachother cheesy cards and cute presents, but it's not needed! A number of people that ask me "You expecting many cards on Tuesday", "You doing anything nice" anyways you get the idea now. But when your single and everyone is asking whether you've got someone to spend this day with, it puts the pressure on and makes you just feel a bit shit!

Having a specific date to tell someone you love, appreciate and care for them just seems so wrong, you should be telling them that every day! You shouldn't have a specific date to dedicate this all too, hence why it's just all a money making aspect. 

When your single and don't have anyone, it just makes you feel lonely af! Walking past a card shop and all you see is "I <3 you" balloons and bear, go into Starbucks and they have themed drinks and now you check the filters out on snapchat and they are all pink and meaning to be cute! It feels as if all the couples around you are trying to rub in the fact that they have someone.

I may come across a hater but this is just my opinion, everyone says that the only reason you hate valentines day is because you don't have anyone to send a soppy card too. But if that's the case then let it be, the girls and I always try and do something together so we don't feel so lonely, this way we can feel lonely together; makes sense right? So I am all for Galentine's day! I am spending my February 14th at work, and with the girls. Do you have any plans & what are your thoughts on this day?

Shelby x 

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