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Malia 2017 - Planning A Girls Holiday

As you may know, if you follow me on Instagram is that last week I was in Malia for a week, as a girls holiday! This was our first holiday without parents, and I thought that a lot of you may be going through the same thing so here is my advice, tips and everything in between!

We booked our holiday about October 2016, according to some people we booked it a lot earlier compared to some groups. There was three of us in total, and we decided that Malia was the best place as we had heard a lot about it! The whole purpose of this holiday was to spend the week in the sun, drinking and obviously clubbing in the evenings.

We booked our holiday as a package with Thompson, and stayed at the Frixos Hotel and Appartments! This hotel was amazing for what we needed, we were a 2 minute away from the strip but wasn't too close where you could hear everything! The staff was amazing, as so were the reps, this hotel was classed as a Scene hotel as they specialise in 'chilled days, lively nights', so if your looking for this kind oh holiday then bare in mind scene hotels. 

Booking process - If your thinking of booking a holiday, your better off booking it yourself online as it's a lot cheaper, and it's so much easier when it comes to paying for your holiday in instalments. We did pick some holiday brochures up from travel agents just so we have something we can physically look at. Regarding flight times etc, I always say it's better to have an early flight going and late coming back but it's a personal preference. We had a 3 o'clock flight in the afternoon going, however, we were delayed by 5 hours so we ended up arriving in Malia 3 the next morning. We then had an 11 pm flight coming home, which meant we landed home about 2 in the morning! In total all our travelling times meant we had some very long and tiring days!

Hotel - Frixos Hotel and Apartment was one of our first choices when it came to looking for hotels, we didn't have the highest of expectations with the hotel just because it was a cheap holiday. However, when we arrived we thought the hotel was lovely, we have an amazing balcony as we have a corner room. The staff were amazing, they were so friendly and helpful which made the experience 10 times better! 

Food - Some advice regarding food is I would say going along to the strip and getting your meals is a lot cheaper and the food is a lot nicer. We ate in our hotel on the occasion of being starving but the food is a lot nicer down the strip. Pepper's do an amazing caesar salad and chicken nuggets and The Loft is great for brunch. I would also recommend getting snacks for your room from the supermarket, just so when you wake up you've got some things easy to hand which is amazing if your hanging!

Drinks - This took us a while to get into the perfect routine of drinking and pre-drinking! For the first few nights, we were getting all our drinks in the clubs which was costing around €5 per drink which is so expensive in comparison to some of the deals we were getting! As your doing so many events during the day pace yourself with your drinking, have a few cocktails but we saved ourselves for the evening. We took multiple trips during the week to the local supermarket and bought some ciders, Smirnoff ice's and mixers etc, and had these while we were getting ready/ pre pre drinks. We would hit the strip around 12 o'clock as this is when it starts getting busy, we would go to a bar such as Lush, Heaven Cafe or The Loft for pre-drinks as they would do you deals such as 5 drinks for €5, or a fishbowl/shots and cocktails for a certain price! So definitely getting tipsy at the bars is the best plan, and have a few drinks while you're in the clubs, this way your saving so much more money!

Wristbands - We were deliberating before we got on holiday about what to do regarding wristbands, we knew we wanted to get one as it gave us entry into all the clubs and events. We looked at one from Party Hard Malia before we got out there, but opted to get the wristbands out there from advice we were given; we expected this to be around €90 maximum. When we spoke to one of the reps regarding the wristband, she recommended us to get the Thompson one which was €245! We decided to get it anyway just because we didn't want to miss out on anything, but we aware of the possible price tag that comes along with it! You may be asking as it worth getting the wristband? The answer is yes, the events were amazing as worked out to be €30 a day, which wasn't took bad considering club entry was around €10/15. 

Events - There was more or less an event on every day some of these were boat parties, beach parties etc, but the most amazing ones we went to were the paint party and full moon party! It was the highlight of our holiday, the music was amazing and we just had the best time. The full moon party felt like a mini festival, but as a heads up the pool party was lovely but certain events went on for too long we found. The timings for these were all different as well, the boat party started at 2 which meant we had less time during the day! Other events were about 8-11 as a rough idea, which perfect decent timings as you still had the day to relax. 

Clubs - When we were out there you more or less go to a club every night, and just a word of warning a lot of the same music is played in every club, which is why pre-drinking at bars is so good as they play a variety of music! We went to three clubs while we were out there, Warehouse, Candy, and Apollo. All of these clubs were amazing, and a great night out! We used to arrive at the club around 12/12.30 and would leave about 4/5 ish, as I said above the drinks are more expensive but my ulmate holiday drink was a vodka and pineapple juice, which was a cheaper pina colada! On Sunday in Candy Club, they have something called Malia Live, which is where a famous DJ or someone performs for that night, while we were out there Blonde was playing; which was so good!

General advice & tips -

- Regarding outfits I would say don't wear anything too nice as drinks will get split but for shoe choices trainers all the way! Don't bother with sandals as glass is all over the place which is too risky!
- If your thinking of taking any money out, the exchange rate isn't amazing but do it at the supermarket.
- Be organised, especially with travel documents etc
- Think about who your going on holiday with, your going to bicker but go with people you trust and get on with
- Don't leave anyone on their own
- Be prepared to get no sleep! I think the maximum we got was aroun 5 hours sleep 
- Make the most of it

Shelby x 

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