Friday, 31 May 2013

The food tag

Hello everyone,

So I think it is safe to say that everyone loves food and this tag is everything to do with food so I tag everyone to do this and I hope you learn something about me.

1. What is your favourite food? Fajitas, Burger's, Chicken, Gammon and Pasta
2. What is your least favourite food? Curry and Tacos
3. What is your favourite thing to cook? Deserts and Pasta
4. What is your favourite salad? Cucumber, Peppers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and more 
5. What is your favourite meat? Gammon, Chicken and beef
6. What is your favourite soup? Chicken noodle (Heinz)
7. What is your favourite type of sandwich? Tomato and Cheese 
8. What is your favourite bread? Tiger 
9. What is your favourite ice cream? Vanilla or Cookie and cream 
10. What is your favourite "slow food" restaurant? Harvester
11. What is your favourite "fast food" restaurant? Mcdonalds
12. If you could have any type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Pasta and Burger's
13. If you could never eat anything ever again, what would it be? anything with Mustard again 
14. What vegetables do you like (If you like any) Carrots an sweetcorn
15. Have you given food to your pet because you didn't like the taste of it? No
16. Are you a vegetarian? No
17. Do you like to cook? Yes
18. Do you know how to cook? Would like to say yes
19. Are you good at it? Yes
20. Have you made dinner before? Yes
21. Do you like to experiment with food? Sometimes
22. What is a typical food that comes from your country or town? Meat mostly

Thank you

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