Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Turkey so far.

Hello everyone,

So you may know that I'm in turkey! I am so happy to be here so I thought since I have nothing better to do (joke) I would just tell you how it's been going.

Our flight was really good I did struggle to to go up at half 2 AM, but our flight was good we checked in as soon as we got to Gatwick airport. Then we went through security then we reached departures and in the far distance i found MAC!

I was go glad mac was there, Ellie and I were there for ever just looking around, I did buy a few things, but the prices were so good, I think for everything it was under £50 when usually it would have been over £70. 

Our flight was really good apart from landing it took a few tries, but it was so good it was like aroller-coaster. And of course I brought a few things from duty free in the plane, never resist it.

We got to our hotel it is stunning the front of the building was amazing then the reception area was just so clean and the staff are so nice. The views are just breath taking.

Also everyday there are pool activities and at the end of them they do this dance and its so addictive and so is the dog it's so good.

So that's the build up to our holiday, you going to have to waite for the finale... 

Thank you 

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