Sunday, 13 October 2013

Let's talk - Bedroom Decor

Hello everyone,

So I want to start of by saying I am so sorry that I haven't done a blog post in ages I just haven't had the time, I have been so busy with Spanish and Business because I am doing a Assessment tomorrow and I have course work that needs to be done. I hate to say it but school does come first.

But lately I have been focused on my room since I came back off my holiday in August, I just want to get it perfect and at some point I will be putting new wallpaper up, but for the time being I have be bedroom decor obsessed and I thought I would share with you some things I have been adding to make my room closer to perfect.


I am obsessed with quote my life consists of about 1 thousand quotes, and I love the wording and they really inspire me so having quote in my room was a must for me.

Wall stickers - Next
Wall Plaque "Friends" - Next
Heart plaque "Love" - Swanage (Curiosity)
Fairy Lights

I love fairy light, I love lying in bed watching tv with just fairy lights on, Just come simple fairy lights can change the whole vibe of your room, also you can get any sort of fairy lights to match your taste.

 Fairy lights (Roses) - Argos (I have the same ones
at the bottom of my bed aswell.) Wallpaper - B&Q Other lights - Christmas shop Heart - Wilkinsons


In my room I like to make it complete, and sometimes the smallest things make the best and biggest impact.

Frame "Shelby" - Not sure had since I was a baby, Purple heart & Floral "S" - Swanage (Curiousty), Paris Canvas - Argos 


There is always certain parts in my room that will be organised every week I fell like, but other have hardly been touched. But recently I have organised my Body and Hair products and my Jewelry and Perfumes.

Thank you 

What did you think of my new Bedroom decor? Have you recently re decorated your room or spiced it up like I did? Comment down below.

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