Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Exams - Hair, Makeup, Outfit and Tips

Hello everyone,

I have a few exams coming up soon and it gave me inspiration to do this blog post, I love looking for makeup ideas and tips for exams and revising, I hope this blog post helps you.


When I am doing exams I don't want to fuss around with my hair in the morning with straightening and curling, it's just to much time that's been wasted. So I love to apply a curl defining moose or sea salt spray, VO5 and Toni and Guy do some great effortless hair products.

But if you want to do something that gets your hair away from your face, I would personally do a messy bun, Ponytail or fish tail braid. These still look super cute but they hardly take any time.


Sorry the picture won't turn :(
When doing my makeup the day of the exam I go for less as possible. I use a stick foundation like the Maybelline Fit me shine stick foundation or I use a BB cream like the Maybelline dream pure BB cream. Also I use a concealer and I love Maybelline Fit me for under the eyes and redness. I love using blush and Nars orgasm is amazing, I also love a suttle highlight and for this I use Mac's Minearalize skinfinish in Lightscapade. I also love to do my brown and in the morning of an exam I always use a pencil and I use the L'Oreal brow artist brow pencil. You can't forget mascara and I love Benefit they're real. Also I love a light lip product and for this I will use a Maybelline baby lips in Cherry me or a Bourjois colour boost glossy shine lipstick in peach on the beach.
Pictures - Click here

Count yourself lucky if you can wear your own clothes to school! But if I was to wear my own clothes I would go for a pair or Victoria secret yoga pants (Full length) and a slouchy but light jumper with a slouchy bag and some trainers like Vans.

Tips for Exams and Revision

1. Revision/Flash cards - These are amazing if your doing an exam that requires lots of key words to remember and short sentences.

2. Brain food - Running up to your exam skip the Junk food for a bit and just eat healthy fruit, veg and cereal will be your best friend. Don't each chocolate or sweets so much.

3. Breaks - This is so important don't just work and work with no breaks, you want to split the word load equally and have short breaks in between.

4. Don't work at a desk and change where you stud after each break - If you find working at a desk really un-comfy then try your bed or throw some pillows on the floor and study that way.

5. Be positive - If your saying I'm going to fail, you won't do your best, just revise and try your best and your will succeed.

6. Don't stress - Don't get yourself into a state just break the work load up and do your best and your be fine.

7. Make time - Your exams are so important! Make time for revising, there so important and if you do revise and do well you will fell so much better before and after the exam.

8. BBC Bitesize - This is a online website and there is more or less every subject on there, there is so much on there to help you and you can revise and do tests after.

9. The bath? - You may think this is a funny place to revise but if you have a few flash cards take them into the bath and look at them and repeat them. For me it has helped so much because my mind is at rest and it goes in easier.

10. Post it notes - Stick lots of post it notes around your room and write key words and information on there and when your getting ready for example you will see them and remember because you didn't set out to revise it randomly popped in as such.

Good luck with any exams and try your best. Remember stay positive and don't stress.


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