Friday, 24 January 2014

Skincare Favorites

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a long blog post. But I love skincare just as much as I love makeup but looking after you skin is very important, this is why I am going to share my favourite skincare products with you! If your wondering I have Combination skin, but I sometimes get spots.

Make up removing - 

I have been loving Loreal skincare and these are amazing:

The Skin perfection 3 in 1 Micellar solution, this is basically Bioderma I haven't tried this but this is really good in my opinion, It removes the majority of my makeup and it doesn't make my skin more oily or dry.

People have mixed review whether you should use a toner or not for young skin. But I do because it's removes everything a cleanser wouldn't and it's not like it's affecting your skin in any way. This is the Loreal Skin perfection toner, I love this because it fell great on my skin and it's good for the drugstore.

I was never really found a cleansing oil but as soon as I saw this I had to get it, I think this is quite good it's amazing for making your skin feel so soft and clean felling. This is also in the Loreal Skin perfection range, this is the Cleansing Oil.

Cleanser, Scrub and Moisturizer (Day and Night) -

These are my day and night skin care favourites, I don't use it all at once:

The Scrubs I alt ante between are the St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot scrub, this is great and I only use this one a week, because it can be quite harsh for everyday, but it's so good for a weekly thing. I also use the Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts scrub for everyday, I love this aswell because it feels amazing but it great for everyday because it's not harsh.

My favourite cleanser is the Birore blemish fighting ice cleanser, This stuff if amazing it makes my skin feel amazing and baby soft, this clean and fresh feeling and cools down an active area, this also makes it not as red. The other beauty I use is this Soap and Glory exfoliating mit/scrub, this is amazing I sue this every day and night with the cleanser to lather it up and I love this so much.

My favourite face wash is the Clean and Clear morning energy shine control face wash, this is amazing after cleansing again makes you feel amazing and I feel this does make a difference with my shine. Also for shine control I use the Simple clear skin oil balancing moisturiser, this is great but not amazing on the dry patches, I mainly use this in my T-Zone.

Treating - 

I don't use these products everyday only when I feel like I need it:

The La Roche Posay is amazing! I only use this as a night moisturizer when I have spots, because it helps clear them and soothes them, this is amazing you have to try this! Also for a spot treatment I love the Lush Grease lightning, this is great for drying up spots and cooling them, I 100% reccomend these.

Also from Lush is the breath of fresh air, I love this to wake me and cool me down in the morning and during the day, this instantly wakes you up but the pump makes it come up like a hosepipe, it's so worth it though also I love cooling/facial sprays.

Also I love the Quick Fix face mash in the green for oily and spot prone skin, I currently can't find mine but this is great for spots and oily skin, I think it does help and you get quite a lot for your money.

Eyes/Dry skin -

Last of all I think eye creams are great I prefer brightening/cooling ones because I still have young skin:

My two favourite eye creams are the Soap and Glory Supereyes because it's cooling but I love this because I feel it does brighten. I also love the Simple revitalising eye roll on, The reason why I like these is because they cool the eye area down and the feel great, non greasy and heavy.

Last of All is the Simple Hydrating light moisturiser, I think this is really good for my dry patches, This is really good because it really helps, also this is great because it's so cheap!

I hope you enjoyed! What are you skin care favourites? 

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