Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review - Maybelline, Benefit and Lush

Hello everyone,

I have a exam next week this is why I might be a bit slow on the blog posts, But thanks to Ellie she gave me an idea to do a review on some new products I have tried. I am going to feature some products from Benefit, Lush and Maybelline.

While browsing in Lush, I found this. I have been loving facial sprays lately, I love the Avene Eau Thermale and this looked just as good. It was only £3.95 for 100g so it wasn't going to break the bank. I found the product to come out so quickly! It's like a hosepipe but great in the morning to wake you up. I love this for the money it's great but the pumps not amazing. I also love this that it's great to carry round with you and it's smaller compared to some.

I have been in need for a new primer after using my Smashbox photofinish up. After the hype about the Baby lips (Review here) I was expecting great things from this. It doesn't erase your pores, but this is a good primer for the drugstore it's not going to blow you away, but if your on a budget it's good enough. It's a silicone consistency a you hardly need anything for everyday and this will last you a while. 

Now onto the pricey side, I love benefit blushers I have 4 now and I love all of them. I love this one especially because it's a great light and natural colour for everyday. I love that it has slight shimmer without being a glitter ball. This is worth the money and it's just perfect to be honest.

This is Benefit's new boxed blush and in my opinion one of the best! I was lusting over this for ages since Fleur used this in a video, and I had to get it. This is a rose gold blush and it's shiny, but gives you the most amazing colour and makes you look so natural and amazing. I have Sugarbomb, Hervana, Dandelion and Rockateur if your wondering. I highly reccomend them.

* I am not sponsored by any of these brands and my opinion are my own.

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