Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Workout Wednesday - Wishlist

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Workout Wednesday! I am a big fan of looking cute while working out, and since starting to workout and do exercise I have added quite a lot to my wishlist. 

I think spending more on some good quality trainers is key when working out, I am got some Puma Suede, but I really want these for a start there stunning and so lightweight. These are Nike Free Run's 5.0, I have tried these on an the fit like a glove. I love the Coral ones a bit more than the Tiffany blue, these are amazing trainers and I need them in my life. 

I have heard so many good things about Forever 21's workout/active clothe selection. I love how they look and I think they are very well prices. I also the that these are very much like Victoria Secrets yoga pants with the band. I really want some 3/4 length bottoms for the Spring/Summer.

I think it's really important to have a different variety of tops and bottoms for working out. I think this is very different and the price is so good for only £8.25. I love how this would look with some black workout leggings. I love the colour and this would look amazing in the Summer.

This isn't just a plain black long sleeve top, It has a mesh cutout on the top of the back, I think this is so feminine and I love this so much. This is also great for the colder days, I also think this is a very good price at £11.50! It also has finger holes so it keeps your hands warm, also this stops the top ridding up your arms.

I also think sport's bra's are so important because you want to be comfy, these are also very cute! You can get so many colours, but I love this because it looks plain in the front but the back has is amazing detailing, this looks very Lululemon esc I think, also it's only £12!

I love tight fitting shorts because they are much more comfier and they look so cute, also these are very Victoria Secret like but for half the price! I love the blue but I also love that they are grey and not black. These are very cute! Also £10.50 is amazing!

What's on your Workout Wishlist? Comment Below


  1. Love this post, well worth the wait, I need those shorts and that sports bra!

    1. Thank you, I am so proud and Happy to be doing these. I want it all haha there all amazing and great prices aswell. xxx