Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Review// Nivea cleansing mousse

Hello everyone,

I recently brought this new cleanser, I thought it's something I haven't heard a review on yet so I thought I would put my thoughts out there. I am reviewing the Nivea refreshing cleansing mousse for normal 
to combination skin.

Nivea refreshing cleansing mousse for normal to combination skin - £4.99

I was in Tesco's and my mum saw this and she said to me which should we get, in the end with got the Normal to combination and the Normal to dry (we have different skin types). I was really excited by this because it's a moose unlike the other cleansers I have tried.

I use around 5-7 pumps, this seems a lot but this is what I use and if I have too less it won't work 100%. I really do like this but I only use this as a nighttime cleanser, I think this works better at night because it removes your makeup really well. I think using this for both morning and night might dry you skin out.

I also put 5-7 pumps in my hands and rub them together then apply this over my face, I then use circular motions to rub this in. After the majority of the product is over my face I press this into my eyes while closed. I love this because it's so quick and easy. 

As well as this you can follow up with a toner but I don't have to because this does remove everything. It doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry. This claims to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed, and I agree with this completely, it makes my skin feel really smooth.

To conclude, I think this is a great cleanser and only for £4.99. It's very quick and easy. And makes you feel very refreshed and you skin feeling amazing. I would definitely reccomend this to beginners especially and anyone else who is looking for a very effective night cleanser. (I rate this a 5/5, Good job Nivea!)

Have you tried this yet? What's you favourite cleanser? Comment below

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