Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tag// 20 Beauty questions

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do a blog post today, I had no idea what to do I have a haul coming tomorrow. This is a beauty tag which is called the 20 beauty questions.

1. What is the one product you'd grab if your house was on fire? I think I would get my Soap and Glory one heck of a blot, or I would get my Palmers cocoa butter moisturizer and lip balm.

2. Which beauty vlogger would you want to do your makeover? I would say Tanya Burr, does this count she does vlogs aswell? I love her so much and she's my role model I think shes so talented and has achieve so much by doing her blog and you tube videos.

3. What celeb do people think you look like? Loads of people say I look like Kendall Jenner which is amazing but I don't think I do, if anything when my hair is straightened. But I had found my look alike, but it's a teacher at my school (obvisuly not a celeb) but I look like her so much and I honestly think when i'm older or her age I am doing to look like a splitting image of her.

4. What beauty product do you save for date night? My Nars tinted moisturizer or my Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Pink Quartz.

5. Which of your guy friends takes longer than you to get ready? Out of all my friend I take the longest to get ready. I only take around 1hr 30mins maximum.

6. If you could create your own miracle beauty product, what would it be? I think it would be a foundation or powder, that keeps you completely Matte all day, natural looking but it covers redness and everything you want it to cover.

7. What's your best beauty tip? It's more of a skincare top but to always use a cleanser, daily scrub, face wash and moisturizer (morning and night)

8. What beauty products do you love to splurge on? I don't have a specific product but for brand it's Mac and Nars.

9. Which beauty vloggers would you bring on a shopping spree? Tanya, Zoe, Lily, AnnaAmelia and Ellie. (Click on there names for there channel)

10. What is your signature scent? I have decided it's Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh. My mum got this for me for Valentines days and I love it so much and it's now my signature scent.

11. I am on an endless quest for the perfect _________. I think a Nude lipstick that is more pink than a brown nude.

12. How many beauty products does it take to get you ready? I think around about 10-15, I'm guessing I never really count.

13. What lipstick/lip gloss is in your purse right now? Today I was wearing the Maybelline baby lips in Pink Punch.

14. Who is your celebrity beauty icon? C
ara Delevingne, Kardashians and Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

15. Name the beauty brand you'd most love to be a spokesperson for? I would say Mac or Chanel, because Mac was the first high end makeup piece I got and Chanel is so luxurious.
16. What's your current nail polish? The only time I get my nails done is Acrylics and I haven't had them done for around a year. But I love Essie Mint candy apple and Fiji.

17. Fave mascara right now? I have been using Benefit they're real. I love this so much I have a full size back up and around 3-4 mini's.

18. The last thing you bought at Sephora? I have only brough from Sephora once and I done a haul (Click here) but I will do the last drugstore product I have brought was the Revlon laquer balms in Demour.

19. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. My Burt's Bees mango lip balm or my Palmers Lip balm.

20. What's one beauty product you'd always recommend? Rimmel Match Perfection foundation and the Benefit they're real mascara.

I tag everyone to do this, Comment below a link to where you done it ;)

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