Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Let's talk// Jobs

Hello everyone, 

I have been thinking of jobs that I would love to do in the future, I have had some ideas but they are all on opposite of scale. But I think I have found the one. This is basically a blog post about my future really?

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Air Sturdess//

I have always wanted to be a Air Sturdess, I have loved the fact of being able to travel the world for you job! I also love that you meet some many different people and so many different backgrounds. And everyday would be a different story. The thing that have put my off it a bit is the unsociable hours and days, for example you could be working on Christmas or New years for example. 

Forensic Scientist//

At the moment my science classes haven't been going well at all, and I can't see me getting A* marks at the moment. Because of this if I was to go to university I would have to study Science but then that is putting me in only one direction which is science. 

But I have found the one...

My own business and a Beauty editor//

I have been loving Business and I honestly am really good at it, without sounding big headed. I have loved the thought of having my own business. But there is a twist I also really want to be a beauty editor, I could have my own business then have my own magazine linked to my business. I honestly love doing my blog and I love beauty so a beauty editor was made for me!

Also I have found out where I want to live, I hate living in the UK and I really want to live in Spain, but I was reading and beauty editors have a much better chance in New York. But I also would settle down in the UK in later life.

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