Sunday, 23 February 2014

Haul// Sephora

Hello everyone,

I was meant to do this post yesterday or Friday but I was too tired, and I think it's worth the waite. My Uncle was coming over from America (he lives in San Francisco) and I kindly asked him to bring me a few things over from Sephora. I am over the moon with them.

Sephora Transparent Brown gel

There is one thing you should know about me and that is I love Brows, It's my favourite part of doing my makeup, and I love trying new products and you will see that in this haul. I was browsing the Sephora website and I haven't tried any brow gels, I have clear mascaras but not a specific brow gel. I was also drawn to this because it is waterproof. This was $12.00 (Click here)

Benefit box powder - Hoola

I am such a big fan of Benefit boxed powders, and this is one I have always had my eye on, Hoola is such a well known Benefit product. This is more of a Bronzer and it's matte. I decided to ask for this because it's slightly cheaper in America. But I also had no intention of buying it here for some reason or another. This is $28.00 (Click here)

Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush - Dollface

This for me is one of the most exciting products, I knew I wanted this because Essiebutton done a (blog post) on Tarte blushers and just made me want one even more. I decided to ask for a natural one because I wanted to wear it everyday, this is a light pink and looks so natural on the skin. Also I knew the packaging was nice, but it's stunning I love how the Amazon river is embossed into the blush. Also I love that the colour of the blush is the colour of the packaging. This is $26.00 (Click here)

Anastasia Brow powder duo - Medium Brown

This is another thing I was really excited for! I got the Anastasia brow powder duo I got the colour Medium brown. I got this colour based on swatches and I would rather go light that darker. And this turned out to be a good match. I love the packaging it's very compact and would be great for traveling, I also love that it looks like a record player disc. This is $23.00 (Click here)

Anastasia Brow wiz - Soft Brow

What did I say, yet another brow product! I knew I wanted this aswell because Pixiwoo use this and I trust there opinion and they love it. I haven;t used this yet but I am so excited to. This has really nice packaging and comes with a amazing brush, this is also retractable and I can't waite to use this! This is $21.00 (Click here)

Also you can get the Anastasia Brow powder duo and Brown wiz on (Click here and here)

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  1. I'm so jealous! The Tarte blush looks sooo beautiful ah <3