Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Sunday & Random

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing Easter, with friends and family. I didn't know what to do today, this is why I am just going to be showing you some pictures from my Easter Sunday. Also I am really sorry for not doing a post yesterday, I wanted a day with Family and Friends!

(1) I done a post about Easter Baking and I made these cookies. They were so nice! Loads of people enjoyed them. (2) Then in my Easter egg I got a Kinder chocolate one (my favourite), it came with a toy so I gave it to my dog. He has never been a dog to play with toys, and he kind of forgets about it and leaves it in the middle of the floor! (3) My 'cousin' Ellie made me a hand made card, it is the cutest handmade things are the best! (4) In our Easter Egg hunt kit their were these little sign post arrow and they look so cute, I had to take a quick snap. (5) This is Poppy, Ellie's dog. She kept going outside and worn her self out and came to sleep on my bed! (6) Our Easter egg kit, all I say is your never too old!

What we did for Easter, is we have really close friends over for a BBQ (In the rain), we have done a BBQ before in a thunderstorm nothing was going to stop us this time. Then we just were chatting, we also done a Easter egg hut, ate chocolate. It was really nice to just catch up.

The Update/Random//

I go back to school tomorrow, and I am 100% ready for it. I am kind of sick and tired of being at home and out and about. This is going to sound weird but I want something were I am doing things for the whole day! But I have some exams coming from the beginning of May till we finish in July. These are such important exams, my GCSE's and I hate to say it but I will be doing less and less blog posts. This is why I done so many during the two weeks off, I hope you can understand but my exams come first. Also if you want to talk to me or find out how I am or what I am doing then follow me on Instagram (shelbyobrien1x) I am on their 24/7.

I hope you can understand! What did you do for Easter? Comment below

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