Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Workout Wednesday// Nike Trainers

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another Workout Wednesday, I just wanted to talk about Nike Trainers. I want to do some posts were I just focus on a specific thing or brand. I thought Nike Trainers is a good topic because I am obsessed. And I have been wanting a pair of trainers forever.

Nike Trainers
Like every brand Nike just bring it went it comes to working out in my opinion. I have been obsessed with their Free Run trainers for ever (bottom right). These are a stunning aqua blue, perfect for Summer and Spring.

The I came across Nike Air Max, I was instantly obsessed with the Black, White and Orange/Red (Top right). I love that they look so bulky but I was reading some review and they didn't seem the best for working out because how bulky and heavy they were.

But now I have to get some Nike Roshe Run (top left, and bottom left). I have to have a Black and White pair. But while seeing the black with the white swoosh I am in love. But while trying them on I found the Palm Tree version (Jaw dropped to the floor). They are stunning!

Which do you prefer? Have you tried any of these? Comment below

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