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Let's Talk// My Year 10 Options

Hello everyone,

I was thinking if this would be too early, but I can't see myself finding time for it when I go back to school. But I am going to be taking you through the options for my GCSE'S that I picked to do in year 10. This is just going to be on my option I picked instead of English, Maths and Science because they are 2 year courses. Also bare in mind they might be different things tought in different schools, I'm not sure. 

The two options I picked are gcse Spanish and Btec Business.

GCSE Spanish//

This was my least favourite out of the two. I think it has to do with my teacher left July last year and I really thought she was a good teacher, but we have this teacher now that I did not get on with. And I still am not a big fan of her, but what I have learnt is just suck it up and get on with it. But looking at the whole subject in general, I am finding it so stressful, especially with the exams, and it's so much to remember. The exams are quite easy you have multiple to do of Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. My worst one out of these has to be Listening, because it's so boring. 

Anther thing to mention is I fell like falling asleep every lesson. Once you have learnt one section like Holidays, and you have done a exam, you move straight onto another section, then another exam. You feel as if their is no time to even take a deep breath. I kind of regret taking Spanish, but at the time I didn't now I was going to have such problems with my teacher. Also I get too stressed and bored, but I am glad I am taking it in some sense because I want to live in Spain and it has given me more reason why I can live their and get by fine. 

Btec Business//

This was by far my favourite of the two. I am so glad I picked business. I had no experience with business before. I thought it was going to be so hard and I was going to be rubbish at it. But without sounding bid headed I am so proud of myself and I have been doing so well. I had two teacher one left, then the other one left. But the teacher we have now is really good, The thing with btec business is it's more coursework. This is great for me because I am so much better at course work.

But I am sold on doing A-Level Business, If you are wondering my grade at the moment is a B/A but at the end of the course I should be getting a A*. I just need to get my coursework from an A to a A*. Also in Business I like that you do some class work then a week or two later you move onto the coursework. This is perfect because you can go at your own past without being told we need to hurry otherwise we're behind. Some people in the class find it really boring but I find it so interesting, we have done Finance this is more calculations and maths based, we done the exam and I passed. Then we did Business Environment this is what goes on around the business. And we are doing something else now which I can't remember.

Tips for doing your GCSE and taking these subjects//

- My biggest tip for both subjects it take as much help as you can get. For example if your teacher is running an after school revision session on a particular part, go to it! They help so much and this is something I do on a Thursday after school just to get extra help. Make the most of it.

- Take it seriously! This is something I have always done and I know some people mess around in the beginning and end. But don't you will wish you payed attention because the chances of you going over it are slim to none. Also if you learn it in the beginning and go over it, that is good for you because you will now it by then.

- Buy revision books. This is something I have done for so many of my subjects and I will continue. I really reccomend CGP revision books. They are so helpful and you can test yourself prior to the exam.

- Take notes - In both Business and Spanish the more notes you take the better. Most of you work you do in the future will be based on the notes you take in class. Also keep it tidy and organised, it's so much easier for coursework and revising.

- This is more if your revising for an exam, but my school reccomend Exam Time, this is amazing because it's perfect for making online tests, mind maps and timetables. I love this because you can see what revising equipment and tools other people have made for a certain subject or level.

What options are you taking or have taken? How did you find them? Comment below

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