Friday, 11 April 2014

Outfit// Day to Night tips

Hello everyone,

I have quite a lot of body con dresses in my wardrobe. But I was thinking of way how I could style them for during the day to a night time outfit. I thought I would share some tips, from transforming a Bodycon dress from day to night. I am going to be focusing on these three Bodycon midi dresses from Lipsy. 

Day to Night

(Dress links) Left// Click here, Middle// Click here, Right// Click here

The Leather Jacket//

I think when transforming an outfit, a leather jacket is key! You can throw a leather jacket on with everything. This gives the outfit look more grungy, I think the one shown in the picture looks more of a night jacket, because it is more fitted. This would go well with a bodycon dress because they are both fitted, this shows of your figure and is very feminine.

Converses for heels//

As well as a leather jacket, converses can make a dress very day appropriate also pared with some frilly socks. This looks so cute. But for the night I think ditch the flats for some heels. I think open toe also looks very feminine with the dress. Also because you are quite covered up it's nice to show some more skin, and the best way to do this is by your shoes. 

'Suitcase' for a clutch//

For the day time I love carrying everything with me in a what feels like a 'Suitcase' but for the night. You can choose just your necessities! A clutch is great for the night and it focuses more onto the dress because it isn't in your face and big.

Statement jewelry//

During the day I tend to wear more Silver, and in the night I wear more gold. I think during the day keep things simple and femenine. But in the night go for a statement necklace bring the whole outfit together. If your more adventirous go for a bright colour like the one shown in the picture. Or keep it safe and go for a bulky gold chain, maybe?

The Bowler hat//

During the day as I said I keep the jewelry to a minimum. But to add more accesories to your outfit go for a hat! You could go with a beanie but personaly you can not go wrong with a bowler hat. Great for the bad hair days and for jazzing up a outfit to look more day appropriate!

What do you think? Any tips? Comment Below


  1. I love the idea of wearing frilly socks with converse and a dress, so pretty, good post! <3 x

    1. It looks so cute and stunning, also looks great on anyone and everyone! Thank you xxx

  2. I loooved this post <3 Love that you've been posting a lot recently :) xxxx

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to put together actually. I have had a lot of spare time. haha Thanks xxxxx