Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Workout Wednesday// The Fitness Tag

Hello everyone,

I was panicking today because I thought I wouldn't be able to do a Workout Wednesday today because I have parent's evening today mine starts at 6pm. But I have found a quick tag to do, this is called The Fitness Tag. I'm sorry if it's  not that interesting but I didn't want to miss another week. 

1) How fit do you consider yourself to be? Are you happy with the shape you're in? - I wouldn't consider my self the most fit person ever, but I do regular exercise and I am happy with my shape at the moment but I want to be more toned.

2) Do you play any sports? - At school we are currently doing Trampolining and Rounders. Which is really good because we are getting exercise and some of our course work done. But I want to take up more sports outside of school.

3) Besides those, do you exercise as well? - Yes, I love doing more exercise but I also love doing sports. I love doing sit up's and more home exercises rather than going to the gym. I personally think I gain more from exercising at home and school rather than going tot he Gym.

4) Do you have any fitness or health related goals? - One of them is to be more toned for the Summer <3 and to eat more healthy.

Lucy Mecklenbrugh - Picture Click here

5) Which celebrity's body would you like to have, or do you have anybody else who inspires you? - Lucy Mecklenburgh, she has such a perfect body and she has a fitness programme that you can buy, it's honestly amazing.  

6) What's your favorite and/or least favorite exercise? - My favourite is Sit up's and Wall sits, Oo I also love Planks. But my least favorite is Press Ups.

7) How important is leading an active and healthy lifestyle for you? I think it is very important because it benefits you so much, you have more energy, your happier and being active and eating healthy is just do important to me.

8) How much attention to a healthy diet do you pay?  - I don't set myself a strict diet with the right amount of calories, but I eat more healthy and if I fancy a chocolate bar I will. I think I am only 15 and setting yourself a calorie control diet is a bit harsh.

9) What's your biggest diet secret? - It's not a secret, but just to keep going and stick with it.

10) Do you smoke, or have you ever smoked in the past? - Never! Again I am only 15 but I hate the look and I will never smoke. Also it's so bad for you and once you start you get more addicted to it.

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