Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Let's Talk// Exams, Requests and money

Hello everyone,

I have no purpose for this let's talk apart from I just want to updated you on a some things. Also because I feel I haven't updated you in a while, I don't have anything too exciting but the real reason is it's late and I have nothing to do.


If you didn't know I had to do my last Spanish exam and this was a reading and listing paper, well I have now done all my Spanish exams. I don't have any exams (real ones) until next year, I only have a mock in English, Maths and Science next month apart from coursework. This means I can slowly relax for a few months, and more blog posts, I am really excited about this because I have enjoy a few months of some things I am passionate about and love doing i.e my blog.

Having a schedule//

I have contemplated having a blog upload schedule but I know I will never have some perfect days. I will always be doing workout wednesday, but I am going to try and plan to upload posts on Monday, Wednesday and one over the weekend, I am not sure weather Friday or Sunday is best let me know what you think. I would probaily do other blog posts on other days of the week but they are the three day that I want to dedicate and focus on being a uploading day.

Saving money//

I can not save money for the life of me but I am going to try. I am going on holiday on the 4th August and I want to save some money to spend at the airport on makeup I don't need. I am going to try so hard to save £100 and anything above it a bonus. I am going to start saving money again when I get back of holiday because I am 16 this year on the 24th December, and for Christmas and my birthday I am asking for a Macbook Air 13". Because this is expensive I want to show my parents I am dedicated to wanting one and I am willing to help them out.

What to upload?

I am really struggling to find what to upload, I want to do more beauty posts but I have no idea what on so please help by telling me what you would like to see beauty, fashion and lifestyle wise. I am going to do a beauty tag and a haul either tomorrow or Thursday. I am thinking a what's on my Iphone and Ipad or anything else.

Also I can't waite till I go on holiday because this means a few hauls I have coming up a Boohoo one very soon and some random hauls after. Aswell as hauls I can do a lot of travelling posts, I done a series last year called "Let's travel" and I am going to do that this year aswell, this includes What's in my travel makeup bag and carry on, aswell as anything else you want to see.

I think this is everything, Please leave requests down below!

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