Friday, 20 June 2014

Wishlist// July

Hello everyone,

Today I have another wishlist for you, I love doing these because they make me just really excited and determined to save money for these items. I have named this my July wishlist because we are slowly coming into July.

Beauty Wishlist

I have to admit I have been wanting quite a few things! My first thing is going to be Topshop I really want another pair of Joni Jeans I may get some at the end of the month, they are amazing. I have also been wanting a few of there makeup items, the Lip Bullets are amazing I love the colours but never brought one, also they Sheer Lips looks amazing the packaging is stunning very much like Nars. Then my last thing is the Topshop Glow this has so much hype, and it looks stunning, everyone uses this and I would love to try it for Summer!

Then I am in need for a clutch, I am going to Turkey soon and I need a clutch with a long strap and will go with everything, and this is the perfect combo. I love the shape, colour and the design this is from New Look. 

Also I am slowly creating a Mac Wishlist for when I am at the Airport (there is a lot of saving happening at the moment), I really have been wanting to try a difference colour lip, and these seems perfect a purple that is more berry pink!

What is on your July Wishlist? Comment below

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