Monday, 28 July 2014

Beach/Pool Essentials

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do something holiday but beauty themed today. I have decided I am going to show you my beach/pool essentials. This is everything I like to take which isn't the boring and basics. I have forgotten to add some things into the picture but i'll still talk about them.

- The makeup bag is from Primark for £3

I am first of all going to talk about the things I haven't shown in the picture. My first thing is a Lip Balm, I think every person should have a Lip Balm because if you burn your lips it hurts... a lot! Take this from someone who has burnt their lips. (Wink face), your welcome! Then I want to touch on the entertainment side of essentials, I would say some music, magazines and a book.

In the picture the first thing is the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30. This is great because it has a SPF of 30 and it's going to keep you protected and having a soft face. Vitamin C is really important because it helps with protecting cells and keeping them healthy aswell as helping healing with wounds. This is £13, a bit pricey but it does a lot for a day moisturiser. This is just really good because it sinks in and doesn't feel heavy, also a little bit goes a long way. Before I forget the Body Shop has loads of discounts and codes so you could get this with some money knocked off.

My next item is something from my favourite shop and my second home, Lush. This is the Breathe Of Fresh Air toner water. This really cools me down, perfect for a hot climate. Great for just having a spritz to cool you down but also just 'toning' your face. This feels really nice after applying sun cream because it gets that tacky feeling away and keeping you refreshed. This is £3.95 for 100g.

I hate smelling of sun cream, it's nice from the bottle, but you get a bit bored of smelling of salt, sun cream and chlorine. This is why a body spray is essential for me, this is the Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist. This is £7.50 for 100ml of summer in a bottle goodness.

Something I always forget but it a life savor. This is just a clip from Primark, you can get 5 black and 5 white, for £1.50. These are my favourite clips ever they are perfect for thin hair, and for everything from a bun to just throwing your hair up. 

Moving swiftly onto hair products. I have one thing which is the biggest essential I can think of. This is the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Leave In Spray. Something you can apply onto dry or damp hair, before after or during the pool days. People tend to forget about their hair, but spraying this on is honestly going to save your hair from being dry and horrible. This is a travel sized product perfect for travelling, this is around £2.50 for 50ml.

My last hair product, is the TRESemme 24 hour body dusting powder, this is perfect for adding some body and volume to your hair. I hate when your hair is still half damp and half dry, putting this in will make you look as if you have had a blow dry. Light as anything and perfect size for travelling. I don't know how much this is sorry.

What are your Beach/Pool Essentials? Comment below

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