Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Let's Travel// Packing My Suitcase

Hello everyone,

I just randomly got a burst of energy. I thought this was a perfect time to show you how I have packed my suitcase. I packed yesterday if you are wondering. And you can't clearly tell but my case is from Asda, you will probably see it in a close post soon.

Also I am going to be posting my last two post holiday, let's travel posts this week, which is a travelling outfit and what's in my hand luggage/carry on!

I started off by folding my underwear and bikinis, and just any small things. This gave a good starting point and evening out my case.

The I started putting my my shoes on top of the bikinis and underwear. But in the shoes I have stuffed my knickers and bandeau's in their, this means they keep their shape and take less room. After that I folded some dresses in the middle of the case to even it all out.

I done the same with other dresses, and skirts. This was a good way to even out the case. Also I started putting things into groups to start off with and then I put them in that order.

I started adding more things like day time tops, shorts and outerwear like Kimono's.

Now coming towards the end, I placed more smaller things on top like Bikinis I didn't put in the bottom, pyjamas and some hair accessories. At this point I placed my delicate items likes curlers, and straighteners in the middle so they don't get broken. I also put this like small clutches etc, on the side of the case to just use that extra small spaces.

After the first picture I placed my makeup bag and toiletry things on top. The placed my towel this means it's extra padding for anything delicate like makeup and things. I done the case up with the straps, and placed my snorkel on top. If you are wanting to know I put my hat and another random bag in the zipped section.

How do you pack your case? Comment below! Also if you want to know where anything is from comment below and i'll get straight back to you.

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