Sunday, 27 July 2014

Let's Talk// Photography

Hello everyone,

I love photography, I love the whole element of it from taking the picture to finding what to take a picture of. I thought that I would take a few snaps and show you some I took today and ones I have taken in the past. 

If you were wondering, I have been to a photography course this year, because I done it for my Duke Of Edinburgh skill section. Just because I have done a photography course still doesn't mean my photos are 100% perfect I am still a beginner. 

Also I just want to mention that you don't have to have a fancy DSLR camera, we have one in the house, but I have taken all of these pictures on my Iphone 5S.  

Something that will come with photography is editing, some peoples preference is to skip editing the photo. But for me a bit of editing never hurts anyone, I just remember that less is more! Also practice makes perfect, and anyone can take photography pictures, you don't need a fancy/expensive camera.

When you are deciding what to take a picture of, the sky never fails. But try and get something interesting in like the clouds, a bush or even a plane if your lucky.

Just like taking pictures of the sky, plants, bushes never fail. But they are better up close because you can get the veins from leaves in or the different shapes and textures.

Water reflections make such good picture, they are so interesting. For example they look like water ripples. Amazing to look at.

When I am taking pictures I try and find something interesting. Like this, I took this picture on my Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition. 

Something to bare in mind when your taking pictures, is the angels, lighting and level. In stead of taking a picture straight on turn maybe 24 degrees. Also with lighting you want to be able to see every small detail. Then with levels maybe sit down, stand up on even lay down to add more dimension.

Action shots are not as easy to capture but they look very good. For me this was a spare of the moment picture. If your trying to get an action shot try someone walking, running. Also taking action shots during sports is very effective. If you get the lighting and the right timing it will 95% look really good.

If you look through my phone all my pictures are mainly of my dog Charlie. I love how natural this picture looks with the flowers and grass. Also because he is black he really stands out against the background. Taking pictures of pets and animals always makes a really good snap.- I miss you so much Charlie 

Just like the grape vines about, flowers are very pretty objects. This means taking pictures of them makes the picture look flawless!

This is my favouirte picture I have taken. I love how vintage it looks and the yellow car standing out! 

Something else that makes a great picture is scenery! If you look closely you can see all different heights, textures and colours this makes a perfect picture with all the elements in my opinion.

Clouds make a picture have dimension. Especially when you have all different colours in the sky. Also if you focus the camera onto the sky, you see all the trees black with outlines, this adds a nice transition to the picture, from the bottom to the top.

It is the same with this picture, focusing on the trees to see every detail. This really stands out against the background.

Capturing pictures like this is amazing, you have the sky with all different colours and shades. Also because of the light it really shows that the road goes on for a long time. This adds a lot of dimension.

This picture was taken in Swanage, this has a lot going on in the picture but it's not over crowded. For example you can see the clouds, sand, sea, cliffs and people.

This picture was taken in Turkey, I love all the different colours, angles and shapes. 

What do you think, are you interested in photography? 
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