Thursday, 24 July 2014

Let's Talk// Dealing with stress!

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what I could do for my blog post today, and I really wanted to do a let's talk, kinda relaxed post. This is why I am going to talk to you about dealing with stress and stress in general. I am not saying I have the magic potions to help with stress but this is what I do, and what helps for me the most.

Stress - Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. 

This picture has nothing to do with stress,
 but how true is this!

Stress is all different for everyone, what could make me feel stressed out might not make you feel stressed and visa versa. It is a very personal thing, you could be stressed about a multitude of things like money, school, work, jobs anything.

I know for me I can get stressed over everything and anything; small or big. You main 'trigger' of stress is school, I feel as if I am under a lot of pressure to show how good I am to get noticed. But lately I have been attempting to pack my suitcase and I can get stressed over the mess it's causing or the thought of having to do this. 

I find having to do something by a dead line makes this worse, I like to do this in my own time and when I am feeling my 'best' or more motivated. But not everything can be done in my own time for example homework, course work and exams including revision. I know for a fact I was having to do science course work and I only had under a week to do this, and because I had a deadline it wasn't to my best standard and I was rushing it.

If your feeling stressed you can go talk to a lot of people, I haven't because I feel no one understands me. But you can talk to your GP, Parent/friend, Teacher or you can go to Child Line

How I deal with my Stress//

Dealing with stress is different for every individual, for example some people may say talking about it helps but for someone else that may be out of their comfort zone.

- If I can I like to try and talk about how I am feeling, but half of the times I never do. But saying that for me writing blog posts about how I feel really helps me.

- I like to be with people I trust and my closest friends/family. I don't like being in big rooms or big groups of people because I feel more stressed and under pressure.

- When I feel myself being more stressed or even panicking a lot, I like to be by myself if I can. At school I would honestly just go to the toilets and stay their just to be on my own for a bit. I also like to do things I love and things I have an interest in, which is mainly blogging and shopping.

- I like to have some relaxing time to myself which is me mainly being in the bath. I light some candles and play some soft/loud music. This gives me time to think about how I am feeling and ways I could resolve the situation if I can. Also I throw a lush bah bomb in their aswell.

- I try not to over think things that I know will upset me or stress me out more. This happened to me quite recently and I was over thinking and I got really paranoid.

I hope this helped someone! I want to know what you do when you feel stressed, comment below!

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