Sunday, 31 August 2014

Haul// Stationery, Beauty, Room Decor and more

Hello everyone,

I have a haul for you, I was going to split this into separate different ones but thought I would put it all in one to save time. I have some things from a bit of everywhere it feels, enjoy!

The first things are from Tesco, I brought some more notebooks because they were £1.50 for a pack of two (pink and blue). I brought three packets because I thought I could have one for all of my lessons, to write down revision etc. Then I also got a back of the Bic Ball Point Crystal pens (A.K.A My favourites), these came with blue, black, red and green and were quite cheap.

I also got these pencil from Tesco, they came in a pack of 3, I thought they looked quite nice and I need pencil all the time because I feel they always break, I lose then or people borrow them but never return them, so their back ups basically. Then if you didn't know I love Paperchase and I found this notebook and I fell in love with it, it was £3 but I love that it's not a big one, with the spiral back.

Flash cards are amazing when revising, I swear by them all the time and I picked up three packets from WHSmiths, the blue ones are a variety pack of four colours. Then moving on I brought this clear pouch from Paperchase and I just have some page markers from WHSmiths and this 4 colour pen from Rymans. This is a revision folder necessities, I also have a few revision cards in here. 

I brought two binders from Paperchase, I thought this would be good to keep revision notes and things in. The one of the left is so cute, I love the colours and patters this was £3. The the one of the right is a fabric material binder this was £4, also these binders are the smaller ones.

I love cushions for my bed, I went into Primark expecting to fall in love with all of them but, surprisingly they didn't have too many I loved. But the one on the left is a stunning white one with a crochet over lay. Then the one on the right is a Paris cushion a lovely grey colour. The white one was £5 and the Paris one was £4.

I think I mentioned in my latest wishlist that I wanted the Bourjois Happy Light primer, and I decided to give it a go but I brought the matte one, this was around £10. Also when I was in Superdrug I brought a new toner, I went for the Garnier Pure Active Pore Purifying toner because my Nars one is running very low. Then another cushion... I brought this from Next to choice because it was only £2.99 RRP was £7.99, this just has a painting type design saying 'All Shopped Out!' I wanted this because her shoes look like they have red soles ;)

I poped into Poundland for some reason, but I brought some 14 clear pockets for Binders. Then I picked up two deodorants one is the Garnier Mineral invisicool and the other is the invisicalm for after shaving. 

I was in Rymans and saw these Sharpies for only £9.99, when they are £20, but in WHSmiths these are £6.99 so go to WHSmiths. But I love these for revision and they are so good, and so is this pack. Moving on I went into Homebase and fell in love with this lamp, I have this on my bedside table and I just love how different it looks, it reminds me of lego? but this was only about £10 I think, they also have white, purple and pink.

And back on to stationary, this is the last I promise! I brought these binder separators from WHSmiths because they are so cute, and they are plastic! Then I got these envelope type binder inserts, they were a pack of 5 and are great for loose papers and flash cards.

My bedroom is Paris/floral themed, and I found another Paris Canvas from Dunelm Mill this was £12 and I love it, this looks stunning and the Eiffel Tower is actual glitter and it looks amazing. The I was in Tesco today and was browsing the clearance section and found these pack of 3 canvass for only £2.50! They are so cute and I love the pastal colours!

That is everything I have brought over this weekend, it's quite a lot but oh wells! What have you brought recently? Comment below

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