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Let's Travel// Turkey in a few snaps!

Hello everyone,

I wasn't going to do this today, but the truth is I can't waite to show you my holiday this year. I have a little video, pictures and some other videos! I hope you enjoy. Just to let you know I stayed in Turkey Marmaris, at the Club Cettia Apartments.

Our flight was quite early, around 8AM, we had to get up about 3:30. 

The typical cloud/plane view pictures.

Where we had breakfast one morning in a restaurant called Selina, and the first place I found wifi.

These pictures were taken by the Marmaris beach, they have a long strip of shops, restaurants and bars and this is right in the center of one of the long strips. 

This is also on one of the strips, this leads your right down to the beach, this is also where all the boats are.

I love this part of the beach, because it's where you get the Taxi Boats from and where all the shops, restaurants and Bars are. If you are wondering we went on a taxi boat to Icmeler and Turunc, 100% reccomend it's a perfect way to travel.

Best Vanilla Milkshake I have had, this was in a resutrant in Icmeler.


Turkey Marmaris, Club Cettia Apartments - Pool 

One of the best things about Turkey is Ruffels crisps (Insert heart eyes emoji here)!

Pool view from one of the balcony's.

A restaurant a stones throw away from out hotel called, Selina Restaurant, this is a fish restaurant but do other foods.

Watermelon and Melon frozen cocktails.

Chicken Fajitas

I would highly reccomend this restaurant, the food was lovely I love the garlic mushrooms to start, the staff were lovely aswell. The owner of this restaurant is a lovely 5 year old called Selina, she gave me a coral floral crown! The drinks were amazing aswell, they have free wifi and pool. The price of the food was very expensive compared to some places, for around 5-6 people the bill was around 400 Turkish Lira, about 130 pounds. The food was lovely though and that's what counts I suppose.

Overall rating - 4/5

Turunc - Oba 09

Panoramic picture of Turunc outside Oba 09

Turunc Beach

 In Turunc before you enter the shops

This is a cat that Ellie and Aidan found in the hotel and have named it Ollie.

I honestly want to take all the cats and dogs home from Turkey!

 On one of the days in Turkey, we done a private boat trip. Their was just all 9 of us on a boat, we went to different parts near Marmaris and these are some of the pictures I took. We could to swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing etc.

This was the life, on the top of the boat sun bathing and reading... The Fault In Our Stars.

We went to the Marmaris Aqua Park. This really big one was so much fun, Aidan and I were the first ones on it that day. I went on it about 4 times!

I was having a lot of fun until this happened... I ended up getting stitches under my chin. I went on the waterside that is all black. But when I was on it with my mum we tipped upside down on the rubber rings, coming down on our front I came worse off needing four stitches and having cuts and bruises all over me.

Close to our hotel was a shopping center called Blue Port, and they have this frozen yogurt stand called Pink! They are amazing, I got Cola Bottles, Sprinkles and Turkey version of smarties. I had coconut shavings on it at one point. They are so nice and perfect!

Dalaman Airport - Eye Spy the Victoria's Secret Angels poster ;)

Bye Bye Turkey

Another clouds shot

I had an amazing time in Turkey, I hope you enjoyed all my picture I took. I will have a hotel review coming very soon!

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