Sunday, 17 August 2014

Let's Talk// Life Aspirations

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do a let's talk post because I feel this is a good one to do. I have decided to sit down and talk about my life aspirations, your right I am only 15, but this is some of the things I want to happen and achieve in my life time. Not everyone knows what they want to do and what they want to see but that is fine, I am that kind of person who knows the job they want to do etc.

My first aspiration is finishing school (A-Level) and going to university. I love the the thought of being able to carry on a subject I love, and getting a degree etc, with that subject would be amazing. I love learning and doing hands on subjects and work, like the course work for Science where as some people prefer Drama and Sport.

Another aspiration that comes along with finishing school or that kind of time, and that's being able to drive. Getting your drivers licence seems like one of the biggest achievements your ever get, and it makes life so much easier being able to drive and not having to rely on other people or buses. I love Fiat 500 cars, especially white or red!

After University, I would love to travel and to visit different places, cultures and countries. Their are so many places I was to visit like France, America, Barcelona, Bora Bora, Dubai, Kular Lumpar, Hawaii and many more.

Moving out of home will be one of the most exciting and amazing things ever. I don't want to stay in the area I live in now because it's too close to home! When I move I want to move further away, Brighton sounds amazing, I love Brighton it's so cute and perfect; not too big and not too small. But saying that I also want to live abroad for some time like America, Spain etc.

One of the less out standing aspirations, and that is to own my own 'Big Girls' camera! Like a DSLR but not a massive one. This sounds cheesy but I love photography and taking pictures.

The biggest aspiration for me would be to open my own business, I have done GCSE Business and I want to carry it one for as long as I can. But also I have mentioned my dream job before and that is to be a beauty editor for a magazine. This is why I love doing my blog because I feel like it is giving me a tiny in sight of being a beauty editor.

Talking about jobs again, when I am starting to work I don't really want a office job. I would love to work at a makeup counter like Benefit, MAC or Nars. It just seems amazing doing makeup and recommending people makeup.

Probably the worst life aspiration ever, but I want a Macbook Air and an IMac. I could not 100% getting a Macbook Air this year, which is very exciting because i'm going to need a super dooper good laptop for school. 

Last but not least I want to get married because I don't want to stay single pringle for my whole life! Planning weddings sounds a lot of fun, and also the proposal and everything! (*Really big heart eyes emoji entered here x3)

Do you have any life aspirations? Comment below

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