Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I Want To Travel

Hello everyone,

This is a random one today, I want to talk about travelling! I love going on holiday but I especially love visiting different places, this is why I am so excited for next year, I am going to Sorrento (Italy) and Florida (USA). I would love to go everywhere across the world, but I thought that I am going to show you some of the places I want to visit the most out of them all.

I have wanted to go to France for ages, but especially Paris. Ever since I decided to go Paris themed in my bedroom, I have just wanted to go since. It looks stunning, I love watching the Tour De France and that makes me want to go aswell.

I am obsessed with Barcelona and Spain. I love the views, food and the language. I want to go to Barcelona so bad, I also brought a La Sagrada Familia pandora charm because I am so in love.

I don't need to explain why I want to go here, just look at the picture. This is Santorini in Greece. I love the white building and the scenery.

I think everyone wants to go to New York, well I know I do anyways. This picture sums it all up including the caption. I mainly want to visit the 9/11 memorial, plus do a bit of shopping, especially at Christmas time!

Isn't this picture just perfect! The clean white sand with the clear blue seas. Thailand looks lovely, I want to go because it looks amazing!

Last year Tanya Burr and the daily mix team, visited Dubai to do some filming. They stayed at the Alantis Hotel and it's looks perfect! I want to go on this water slide because I love water slides even though I got stitches off one!

I want to visit down under! It looks stunning, I feel like Australia is one of those places where you really want to visit even though it's a day of travelling, I want to see the Sydney Opera House.

Because I had Charlie who was a Newfoundland, I always wanted to go to Newfoundland in Canada, the nature of the place looks so nice for slow walks and taking it all in! It would make me feel 'closer' to Charlie as well.

The Northern Lights looks like magic in the sky! I know now and then you can see them up south in the UK, but in Norway they look so much nicer! I want to set up a tent and look up at the sky seeing these wonderful lights in the sky.

I love watching Hawaii 5-0, and the views were stunning! I loved both the jobs they done and where they done it. I want to go here partly because of the history and the views.

What are your top 10 places to visit?

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