Saturday, 27 September 2014

Something Eye Opening

Hello everyone,

I am loving these spontaneous blog posts at the moment, but I just watched a video from Fleur and Mike, when they went to Zambia with Comic Relief. And I kind of want to do a reflection on this video because this aswell as every other Comic Relief video really opens my eyes, and makes me think a lot!

Comic Relief - Link

This is the video!
- Link

The most eye opening thing from this whole video is the boy Emmanuel, he has to supply food, shelter and everything for his whole family. I am only 15 years old and I occasionally help around the house and my family pays for everything. But I also get to wake up everyday Monday to Friday at 6AM knowing that I am going to school, and getting a education! Some people in Zambia don't get to go to school and not just in Zambia all over the world, simply because it's too expensive. But I have to admit I take my school and my education for granted a lot without even meaning or knowing to, I complain a lot about certain teachers not being 'good enough', when some people in this world don't even have a teacher. I am just decided that complaining about certain teachers all the time isn't worth it, I also am going to make the most of my education but getting my head down 24/7 and I am going to treasure every minute I have learning, because it means a lot. Also when I am 16 I am going to look for some jobs because I want to help my family out even if they don't need it. Emmanuel builds bricks and only get paid 10p for 2. It has opened my eyes to being less spoilt and close minded about what I have, I hope this has made you think a bit. 

Just remember material things aren't everything! I am going to put my self in their shoes more often and I hope you do aswell.

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