Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Future And Update

Hello everyone,

I want to start off by apologising for not doing enough blog posts, I don't really know what my schedule is at the moment regarding uploading because School is getting in the way already, but I have a update and a my life/future talk for you today.

I wanted to start off by showing you some things I have found, taken pictures of or things that have happened through pictures. To start off with my prom is on the 26th of June 2015, but what comes along with prom is exams... my first exam is on the 12th of May or what week. The yesterday I was doing some revision and put my fair lights on and they looked so cute, also I found this quote and I need to read it and use it! But today was a bad weather day but I loved this picture I took in the morning.

Yayy, today I got my National Insurance Number this means I can start looking for jobs in a few months. Also this quote is very true and I loved the picture of San Francisco in the background. Also this is quite nerdy according to my mum, but this quote just made me laugh. The yesterday night I stayed up until 12 pm doing geography revision! (What a productive night)


I have been thinking a lot about my uploading schedule because I know at the end of this month I am going to hardly be uploading and this breaks my heart a lot! Depending on how I cope with the revision and uploading, I may be uploading once a week or not even once! I will tell you closer to the time, but for now on I am uploading once/twice a week, on a Saturday/Sunday. I hope you understand that my school comes first, but I have to apologise because I have a feeling the majority of them are going to be lifestyle posts and hardly any beauty/fashion. 

My Future

Since I am in year 11, I have a lot of thinking and options ahead of them education wise. If you didn't know this year I am doing GCSE Geography and GCSE Health And Social, and I am reallyyyy enjoying them at the moment and I am expecting good things out of them. But I have been thinking about life after year 11, and I have decided I want to go to Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), I am hoping to stay on at my secondary school to study Business, Criminology and either Geography/Sociology. But after sixth form I aspire to go to University, I have always wanted to go and know I want/need to go because it's such a different experience. I am not sure if you have heard of the Foreign Exchange Programme 'Erasmus', I would love to spend a year in Spain, this seems like a amazing opportunity and something I would love to do. Career wise I wan't to go down the Magazine editor/Journalism route, as a beauty editor just because my blog has inspired me a lot to wanting to do this. 

What are your future plans? Comment below

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