Saturday, 4 October 2014

Who I Want To See In Concert/Festivals

Hello everyone,

I do love seeing people live, the atmosphere is so different compared to anything else. I wanted to share with you people I want to see in concert and any festival I would love to go to. I hope this gives you a in sight into who I like listening to and what type of music.

I have seen Ed Sheeran live at the Summer Time Ball 2012, but he was amazing! I need to see him again because his new album is perfect, and so is he... their is nothing to dislike. 

Mumford And Sons have been my love for so long, their are very calming but up beat at the same time. Very different to what I normally listen to but very good, and reccomend all their songs. 

Whenever Coldplay preform live, the atmosphere changes! I have seen the live once and wouldn't mind going again, they are amazing and are one of the best groups I have seen live. All their music is a massive hit, and I am not suprised.

My best friend Nicole and I, has always said Avicci live is something we 1000% must to together, if this picture doesn't sum up a good concert I don't know what will.

Nicole and I have fell in love with Rudimental for so long, we are obsessed. We love all their songs and they must seem so good live and getting the crowd all up and going.

This is a crowd and a half! WOW this is at V-Festival, they do updated music quite a lot and it looks amazing.

My dad and I always said that we would go the Itunes Festival together, they do quite updates music with a few artists a bit older. But this picture sells it to me.

Wireless Festival is quite new and more updated artists, and looks amazing every year!

The music at Glastonbury is spot on, but the camping, mud etc, sells it to me more. Looks like a amazing experience.

This year the Radio One Big Weekend festival was amazing, watching it on TV was perfect but being there I bet is 100 times more excellent. Everyone who plays is amazing and the artists are spot on every year, they have everyone you would want their.

What concerts and festivals do you want to go to? Comment below

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