Saturday, 11 October 2014

Chit Chat and 2015 plans

Hello everyone,

I have quite a random post for you today, but I will have a beauty post tomorrow for you. But I wanted to talk to you about the up coming year I have in front of me. Also either Monday or Tomorrow I have some news which I think could help quite a lot of you.

Love this picture! - Link

This year has a few exciting things happening but next year has much more. This will give me less time to upload posts but much more to write about. This is everythting...


16th Birthday
Macbook(Christmas and my Birthday)
New Years in London


Going to Belfast
Finish year 11 -> Sixth Form
Lots of Sixth Form shopping
Sixth Form
Starting driving lessons (17 next year)

That is just a lot of the planned things, obviously more will be happening (All good I hope). I will be doing a lot of packing and Let's Trvael posts for short to long breaks. But I will also have a lot of prom updates, holiday posts, hauls, Outfits and a lot more! I am very exicted for the year ahead. But even though it's going to be good I do have exams to revise for, I will be doing more school revision posts etc, because I am revising already for Geography. 

I know this was quite random, but I hope this cleared some things up, and future posts to look forward to.

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