Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bedroom & Bathroom Décor

Hello everyone,

I have wanted to do this blog post for a while now, and I thought while both rooms are clean and I have some spare time it was the perfect opportunity. In my opinion when it comes to decorating a room, the furniture, walls, floor is essential but room decor makes a room feel more homely. 

Bathroom - Sea themed

I love quirky little accents to a room, this is so funny and cute for the bathroom. We got this from Next and hung it above the window. Little plaques are a perfect way to complete a room and add more to it, but you don't see many things like this in a bathroom, it's very different. 

In our Toilet we have two corner shelves, and on one we have this scent from the Sanctuary Spa in the scent Classic. We don't like burning candles in the toilet because it's too over powering but room diffusers are the best.

In bathrooms I love these word plaques they are very chic. This one is very nice because it loos quite rustic and vintage. This goes very well with our theme. This fits very well by the bath and it makes you relax more I think. This is also from Next in the same theme as the whale one.

Accents complete a room, especially in bathrooms it's hard to decorate and hang things all the time. I put these jars on the window ledge from next, and filled them with shells and pebbles,to keep the sea theme going.

I love matching things if you can't tell. Instead of having a boring soap container we brought this pair from Next, they are so cute, they also add something different. 

Bedroom - Paris themed

As I was saying I love cute things to bring a room together, when I was in Turkey I bought these Russian Dolls. I have always wanted some of these, they are beautiful!

Above my desk I have hung up these three canvas's, they are cute and vintage. They are something different to looks at. Also the black fluff on one of them is my dog's hair. I love having canvas's in my room because they are different.

Organising things in a cute way brings a lot to your room. It looks very cute in boxes. I have my perfumes in this box aswell as my scents. Then my Lush products are in this massive glass jar, them hair and body in a wicker basket. These are all from next.

When I was younger I had a pink fluffy rug by my bed. And I wanted another one ever since. I got this one from Ikea and this looks really nice with my Ugg Slippers.

To make a bed look extra comfy and perfect. Cushions and pillows makes it look perfect. These are from Next and Primark.

Decorating my bedside table makes my look look complete in my opinion. I keep the top of it very simplistic, I keep a notebook, pen, my kindle, wreck this journal and Michael Kors bangle on top. As well as my Yankee Candle tea light and my Argos lamp. I love this because it is so different.

Another canvas... This looks amazing on top of my world map wall art. This canvas is from Dunelm mill and the wall art is from Next. This matches my room very well and looks really cool when the light sparkles on the glitter Eiffel Tower.

I hope to show you more Room Decor soon. Comment below what your room decor favourites and tips are.

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