Saturday, 27 December 2014

Baking Surprise Cookies/ Piñata Cookies

Hello everyone,

I have done some baking today, I wanted to make some cookies piñata  ones for a while with a surprise inside, but only got round to it today, I thought I would share them with you today for Blogmas day 18.

let's start...

These are the finale cookies, I done the round ones as piñata ones with rainbow sugar sprinkles in the middle. The the star ones are plain cookies. I used this recipe here, they are so tasty and great layered. Because I couldn't find a piñata cookie recipe, I decided to cut on plain cookie with a cutter, then the second one with the same cookie cutter but a small circle cut out in the middle, and then another big cookie. I baked them all, and once cooled down I down a full cookie at the bottom then done some icing sugar round the edge, then stuck the one with a cut out on next, I filled this with some rainbow sprinkles, done some icing round the edge and stuck the top on. I had to hold this down for a bit for them to stick together. The for the rest of all the cookies I done pink sugar icing on the top to complete them.

This is what the cookies look like inside, they were lovely and taste delicious!

If you try these them tell me, you could also make this festive with red, green and white sprinkles of for anytime!

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