Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Boxing Day Lush Haul

Hello everyone,

On boxing day as you may know I went to go and buy my Macbook, but while I was in town I also popped into Lush, while they still had their christmas collection in sale, not much left but I got more than I needed; but to be honest I didn't even need this in the first place because of my Birthday and Christmas.

Onto the Lush haul -

 Cinders and So White bath bomb

My favourite thing from Lush has to be the Cinders bath bomb, it looks amazing and smells it too! When I first smell this the scent of spices and mulled wine comes to mind; I love spices at Christmas time especially cinnamon! Then something that is very basics and doesn't scream Christmas, but this is the So White bath bomb, this is a very clean and fresh smelling it makes your bath look cloudy, this makes your skin feel amazing and is very nourishing.

Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar and The Melting Snowman bath melt

The Christmas Hedgehog is something I didn't think I would like, it has a scent of spice and musk but it's very light. Then the melting snowman is a wonderful bath melt, I come out and my skin feels brand new, it also smells like mulled wine and nutmeg.

Candy Mountain bubble bar and Cinders bath bomb

I think I have around 3 back ups of the candy mountain bubble bar, it's very sweet and not to everyones taste because it's sweet and sometimes overpowering, but I love using this with Snow Fairy shower gel because they both smell the same. And while I was in Lush I brought another one because it's my favourite, I can't believe this in limited edition! I now have 3 just in case for back ups.

Dashing Santa bath bomb and Baked Alaska Soap

Dashing Santa is one I haven't tried before before it didn't appeal to me that much, but this smells again quite fresh and clean, it isn't one of my favourite scents but it's good enough. Then my other favourite thing from Lush is the Baked Alaska soap, this smells so fresh and clean and is one of my favourite scents, it has grapefruit oil in it, and smells delicious!

Did you get anything from the Lush sale? Comment below

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