Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Before I'm 18, I would like to...

Hello everyone,
Hello everyone,

I was looking through some videos a few days ago, and came across this video on Ash's channel (link), I thought this was a great video idea and I love her video. If your wondering the point of this is you give your self until your 18 to try and achieve some things, I am 16 now so I have given myself 2 years to hopefully complete things on my list below. 

Also I want to make this a realistic as I can possibly can, because when I am 18 I want to come back to this post and update myself and you on how I have done, I want to achieve everything if possible.

Before i'm 18, I would like too...

- Own a Tom Ford Lipstick
- Get a B in Geography GCSE
- Get a job, to earn my own money for once
- See Ed Sheeran live
- Get my makeup done by a high end company, Mac, Chanel etc
- Give something to a homeless person, food/drink
- Get 50 followers on my blog
- Try and learn Italian
- Go to Spain, Barcelona in particular, but no where I have gone before
- Meet new people
- Go and visit Manchester Metropolitan University
- Get into college
- Apply for universities (MMU)

What do you want to do before your 18? Comment below

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