Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone,

I just want to wish you all a very happy new year! I hope 2015 is a much better year for you and everything good comes your way. I want to say a massive thank you for everyones support even if you have read one of my posts it means a lot! I also hope you have enjoyed reading Blogmas everyday, because I have enjoyed it immensely! 

My year -

This is my whole year in a video form, as a little over view this year has been very eventful, to start off with we lost Charlie, he was my dog but more like a brother to me, I loved him a lot and for him not to be here makes me heartbroken. But moving on from that I also got my exam result back from year 10, and ended up getting an A in business! This makes me very happy because I want to do business as a degree. Then I went to Turkey which was stunning because I love  Turkey, but while I was their I got stitches. But moving on from that the rest of the year has been alright I suppose, but I feel as if I have gained confidence in myself as a person. Then I nearly forgot that I know have panic attacks which is hard considering I get them due to stress, which I have my exams next year and I stress a lot about them, but that is to tackle next year...

How was your 2014, comment below!

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