Friday, 16 January 2015

America Wish List

Hello everyone,

I thought I would give you a extra blog post this week considering I am not that busy this weekend. If you didn't know I am going to America this summer, and I have a few things I really would love to buy and thought I would let you take a look.

America Wish List

Starting from the top, I have heard a lot about Bath and body works, and I really want to try their hand sanitisers and their body mists, because I want some nice smelling ones! Also I want another EOS Lip balm because they were amazing, and I seemed to have lost mine, but sticking with the lip category their is one lipstick brand which I have wanted one from and that is YSL, I really have to wanted to try their Rouge Volute lipsticks, I really want a coral/nude pink for everyday. A big item now is a Kate Spade planner, since I am going to college hopefully this year I really want to get super organised, and I would love a decent planner to help me get organised. Onto makeup again I have wanted the Anastasia dip brow pomade ever since I have got into my brows, it's looks really good! Then onto a beautiful palette which is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush palette, this looks stunning. Something from Victoria's Secret is a makeup bag, I have a few things from them but I have always wanted a makeup bag especially the white and pink stripes. Ok then the more expensive side of things to start off with the matte Ted Baker purse is something I want, ever since I got my Ted Baker purse for my birthday a few years ago, I have feel in love since, and the matte black one is high on my list especially in pink? Then hiding in the corner are two lovely Michael Kors watches, this is my favourite designer especially for jewellery, and since I got my gold Michael Kors watch I have wanted a silver and rose gold to complete the collection!

I thought this was something nice so I can remember the things I really would like when I go to America. 

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