Saturday, 3 January 2015

Love My Case - Macbook Air Case Review

Hello everyone,

I have a review for you today on a Macbook case I recently brought from Amazon. I brought this from a brand/seller called 'Love My Case, I was looking for hard shell cases, and came across this bundle, I thought I would give you a review if our looking at purchasing a case like this.

This bundle costs £14.21 with £1 shipping, you can buy this bundle here. Also I brought the colour 'Egg Blue'. In this Macbook bundle this includes a hard shell case for the back and front of your Macbook, a silicone keyboard cover, a sleeve for your Macbook and 5 cleaning cloths. 

To start with the sleeve, this is a Neoprene sleeve in the size 13",  this isn't the exact match of the cover and keyboard but the colour is close, this also fits the macbook very well, it feels snug and will protect it. The top of the cover is well tight that sometimes iI struggle to take it out, but I would rather it fit tight instead of loose. This case is going to be very durable especially with the cushioned sleeve, also this fits very well with the hard shell case on it, but stretches enough without being too tight. Also in the bundle you got 5 LMC Screen cleaning cloths, these are very well made and clean finger print marks easily on your screen, but won't clean any dirt marks to a high extent, you will need a screen cleanser for that. But I am very happy with the cloths considering you get 5 and their high quality. But for the sleeve it's a lovely case and very durable I am annoyed it doesn't match the hard shell case and keyboard cover colour 100%.

The hard shell case it a beautiful aqua/duck egg blue, its a great colour and a wonderful fit for my Macbook. It is very secure on their with ridges to stay on your Macbook. This is a rubber material made of a polycarbonate plastic, because this is a vert soft rubber material I think it's going to protect the case from getting scratched easily. Also the bottom of the case has ventilation slots to make sure your Macbook doesn't over heat, but it has also four rubber feet on the four bottom corner, to prevent your macbook from moving while it's been placed down.

Next the front of the Macbook with the case on looks like this, it's made of a semi transparent design, because of this you can easily see the Apple logo light through your case. Moving onto the keyboard, I just wanted to point a little design faults out, as you can see the light for the Caps button isn't fully visible on the case, the hole made for the light doesn't fit the keyboard perfectly. But also if you can see the shift button and the ~` button is, they are used as one big key on the cover, where they should be two separate keys, but you can still use both of these keys with the cover on, but I thought I would point them out to you.

Onto the keyboard cover as a whole, the colour is lovely and matches    hard shell case very well, this is made of a high quality silicone which is only compatible with UK and EU keyboard models, this is a wonderful cover and makes typing on the keyboard very soft but doesn't affect typing at all. The best thing about the cover is that  it can protect your keyboard from gathering dust and protecting your whole keyboard from scratches etc. If your keyboard gets dirty then you can wash this very easily, and it's a flexible keyboard to even wash over with a damp cloth. But another great thing about this cover, is that the transparent film allows your keyboard back light to still shine through. All together I am very very happy with the cover but the tiny light and shift key is annoying me a bit, but isn't too visible.

This picture is just a little look at the Macbook inputs and how the case sits with them on. You can clearly see the case doesn't hid any input and fits wonderfully bearing the inputs in mind, they are all clearly visible and you can use them to their full extent. Also in this picture you can see how the case fits onto the Macbook with the ridges. 

Overall I rate this case an 8/10, this fits your Macbook well and is  a great deal for the amount of money your spending. But the colour match for the sleeve, and the keyboard faults let's me down a bit, but for the price you can't complain. This is a great case to protect your Macbook in all different areas.

Are their any Macbook cases you want to recommend? Comment below


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