Sunday, 25 January 2015

Prom Dress Shopping & My Dress

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I went into town because I wanted to try on some prom dresses but I wasn't going to buy any. I tried some dresses on from Quiz, Lipsy and Coast. But I obviously wanted to share this experience as well as making it as something I can look back on.

A few of the dresses I tried on:

Before trying an dresses on I had a clear image in my head of what I wanted, I really loves dresses with cut outs. I found some dresses on a website on Victoria's Dresses, but I kept going from wanting a prom dress with sparkle to a elegant ball gown type dress.

This was one dress I have had in mind for a few months now, this is from Lipsy, it's a black straight dress with a mesh cut out on the stomach, with mesh sides going down to the bottom but a underskirt to give you some privacy. But on the back it has a massive cut on, the cut out stops at the bottom of your back. My thoughts on this dress is that it didn't scream prom, it looks like dress to a black tie event, I did think of making it look prom appropriate by adding a sparkly clutch and jazzing it up, but then I didn't want to take the attention away from the dress it's self. This dress was so comfortable to wear, and perfect if your not a fan of strapless dresses, you also wouldn't have to worry about this when dancing etc. But because I am quite tall their wasn't enough room for heels because it was already touching the floor. I think this dress is under £100.

This was my second choice of dress from Lipsy, this is a very gentle sweetheart neckline, with crystals and rhinestones on the top and the right side of your stomach. Where the side crystals are their is rousing, this emphasis your waist and hips a lot. But this dress also have a slit which doesn't come up really high up. I liked this dress but again I felt as if I was going to a black tie even in it, it looked more prom appropriate but not what I was looking for. Then  something I didn't like about the dress was the exposed zip, it was very obvious, but at the same time it had a butterfly zip which made the dress look cheaper in my opinion. It's a lovely dress but not what I was looking for, the material was very soft and felt lovely, as well as the fit and very comfortable. But if your someone who struggles or doesn't like strapless dresses this is strapless but it may come with straps. This dress is £130.

Lastly from Lipsy I tried on this floral black, fish tail bottom dress. This felt very nice with the bandeau top, this also had a plain black back. This dress looks much better on than off, but I love this dress up until the fish tail, it just doesn't look right and it doesn't suite the dress in my opinion, but it fits very nice and comfortable, but the material just feels like a summer wedding dress, and it's quite hard to walk it but comfortable when you sit down. Also this dress is strapless but I think it comes with straps i'm not too sure. This dress is £80.

My Prom Dress:

This is my prom dress, it is from Coast and was in the sale from £350 to £150 to £92. This is a beautiful maxi dress, with a lace bode with emphasised cups. This is called the Lisbeth maxi dress they call it Silver, but it isn't.

This dress also come with attachable spaghetti straps, which is great if your more comfortable with a dress with straps. This is the main pattern of the dress and a uncles version. It's is very feminine and chic, but at the same time very delicate and pretty at the same time. On the back it has the same pattern throughout.

So the prom series has started, I hope you like my dress. Also tell me what shoes, jewellery, hair and makeup you think would look best with my dress?

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